Death Riff Society
(Moonstorm Records / EFA)

Oh shit, I love this album!!!! What a breathtaking violent assault of extreme Metal. "Death Riff Society" kicks major ass!!! I totally share Frankies opinion about the "Take No Prisoners, Grind Them All And Leave This Hell" CD. This was already an amazing and shredding album. And I did not expect such a huge improvement. Although not really much changed since the last album this new effort of the Halle / Saale based four piece is a big step forward. The band simply has grown as a song writing unit and the new compositions are more matured and varied and much more pure Death Metal and less Crust oriented but with a slight touch of SLAYER. One of VIU DRAKHS’ trademarks was the sheer intensity and power and it still is. "Death Riff Society" sounds much more brutal and intense than "Take No…". But before this masterpiece was born the band had some trouble with the already booked studio in Germany cause the producer cancelled some days before the recordings should start. Fortunately they found rather quick a new location: the well known Swedish Berno Studio in Malmö. Hey, this was the best thing that could happen. The production is fucking awesome, very powerful and mind blasting. It’s perfect for that kind of Metal. Thomas Fischer has a very aggressive and brutal voice. Pretty good. He roars like Martin Van Drunen on the first two PESTILENCE albums. Last song on "Death Riff Society" is a cover of the MOTÖRHEAD classic ‘Ace Of Spades’ with guest appearances by Cliff (DRILLER KILLER) and Johan (DERANGED). Well done. Doubtlessly VIU DRAKH won’t invent the Death Metal genre new but that’s surely not their ambition. They simply wrote some of the most devastating and brain crushing riffs I’ve heard for a long, long time. This album is definitely the so often mentioned "fist in your face". You don’t believe me???? Join the "DEATH RIFF SOCIETY" and you will see !!!!!! Play loud…



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