Multiversal Holocaust
(Iron Bonehead Productions)

Irish three-piece ZOM already sounded f**king savage on their demo recordings but this raw beast of an EP attacks with even sharper talons and a ravenous hunger that should devour any friend of blackened Death Metal not sounding like some standardized War Metal or Bestial Black or Goat Metal or basically regurgitated Grindcore recorded in a moldy cave. Blood, riffs, atmosphere, possession, bellowed reverb-drenched vocals, a vicious groove, invicible force and a feel of refreshing songwriting skills so rare in this genre are trademarks of the two studio songs ‘Multiversal Holocaust’ and ‘Terror Of The Cosmos’ hereon. Whereas many bands just get lost in their subterranean Neanderthal style, ZOM keep their material interesting by occasionally slowing down before hacking your souls to pieces. Think REPUGNANT covering BLASPHEMY and you’ll get the vibe. Excellent! The title-track can be consumed here. Order it at: www.ironbonehead.de

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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