At The Caves Of Eternal
(Pulverised Records)

Us first worlders can be a pretty spoiled lot; if a typical greasy burger is not to your liking, you can always get your beef patty sandwiched between two more patties if you like. Fuck standards, options are king! Fortunately enough, Mexico’s ZOMBIEFICATION has spilled enough blood to appease their Aztec overlords and have created a blackened Death Metal album made to order. To comment on the overall sound, it’s everything you need and nothing you don’t. They leave out cookie monster growls in favor of something much more energetic and fierce combining elements of Crust, Hardcore and even Black Metal vocal styles. There is a pronounced echo throughout the entire production which seems to emphasize the cloudiness of the frenzied, tremolo guitars as well as aspects of the vocals, while simultaneously creating an icy, jagged sharpness to the drums. ‘Soul Collector’ is an unwavering blast-beat fueled odyssey, while ‘In The Gallery Of Laments’ launches into crystal clear guitar solos that offer some slight solace from the relentless pace that is upheld throughout the album. ‘The Crypt’ is unanimous and persistent punch in the lungs with all aspects working together to leave you a bit winded. It’s an album that is never lacking in intensity, but more importantly, its a a celebratory album of everything you can possibly like about Metal played at full volume. There is a general sense of enthusiasm that I get from this kind of music, and while there are certain genre benchmarks within it, overall it will feel like a nice shot of glue to cure your woes from the so called "splintered Metal scene". I find a lot of similarities to that Seattle’s BLACK BREATH in that it tends to drown out temperamental tastes in favor of all out heaviness. Play it loud and it should effectively silence the staunchest Black Metal fan and more importantly it should get their blood moving. www.zombiefication.com, www.facebook.com/pages/zombiefication/342265749351, www.pulverised.net

Angelica Jannone

Angelica Jannone

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