Eyeless Ghoulish Horror
(Doomentia Records)

Anyone surprised to hear that German REVEL IN FLESH have a new split 7” out? Not really, huh? Me neither… And that’s a good thing, since I’m always shivering with anticipation. For their 7th split 7”, they teamed up with Mexican ghoul squad ZOMBIEFICATION for a joint effort called “Eyeless Ghoulish Horror”. As the title already hints, this EP deals with horror themes and nothing else. REVEL IN FLESH open up the “Eyeless Ghoulish Horror” with a double pack of two songs flowing into each other. The first is a classical diversified REVEL song, inspired by the Swedish hordes of Death, with those fantastic guitar rides and breaks and tempo changes. Without any pause, ‘Nightrealm Ghouls’ changes into ‘The Dead Will Walk The Earth’ that is much more based on mid tempo and grooves. This one is another fine example of the “other side” of REVEL IN FLESH. So, once again Haubersson and Co. deliver finest stuff that will leave no head unbanged. It’s always astonishing how the Swabians keep the high level with any release. The other side of the EP delivers a huge surprise, since ZOMBIEFICATION deliver two extremely great songs of unique Death Metal with forcing melodic breaks. ‘The Eyeless Horde’ is one of the coolest songs I heard all year, with somehow MAIDENesque guitar harmonies, riveting breaks and a driving beat close to a D-beat. Their other song ‘Eternity’s Oblivion’ also has Crust-Punk influences, this tune especially hints on that was is called “Neo-Crust”. This not only shows up in the beat, but in the rides of the guitars and the breaks as well. ZOMBIEFICATION managed to combine most of the stuff that really works me up into a frenzy. I just have to raise both my thumbs for this fantastic release that will surely make its way into my Top 10 this year! So, don’t hesitate to check this great EP out. For the unyielding Swabian Death squad, it’s: or The Mexican horde of zombies can be checked at: or And finally, the label needs a check as well:

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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