September 02, 2023

Danish Death Metallers UNDERGANG have just released their new mini album “De Syv Stadier Af Fordærv” via Me Saco Un Ojo Records (vinyl) and Dark Descent Records (CD, digital, and cassette tape formats. A full stream of it is available at this location. For more UNDERGANG information please visit

Australia / Denmark based Death Metallers UNHOLY REDEEMER have just released their debut three song demo “A Fever To Dethrone All Kings” on Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube. Physical formats will be released via Extremely Rotten Productions (cassette tape) and Sphere Of Apparition Records (CD) before the end of 2023. The band’s line-up features Steven Hull on guitars (ENCABULOS, CRUCIFIRE), Jarro Raphael on drums and bass (NOCTURNAL GRAVES , COFFIN LUST, DESTRÖYER 666) and Jens Bendtsen Pedersen on vocals (CEREKLOTH, PERDITION’S MIRE, THE PALE HAND). They will now focus on a new mini LP, which will be the first recording with new bass player Tommi Grönqvist (SLUGATHOR, DESECRESY). For all additional information visit UNHOLY REDEEMER at

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