August 11, 2001

Painkiller Records from Belgium will re-issue CALLENISH CIRCLE‘s debut-album "Drift Of Empathy" (originally on Hammerheart Records and out of pressing since 1996) together with the already longtime sold-out "Lovelorn" demo and one extra bonus-track. All this will be released in a limited digi-pack version with brandnew cover-artwork from good-old Kris Verwimp (also responsible for the cover of "Graceful… Yet Forbidding") and completely new booklet-design. Besides all recordings will be digitally re-mastered and the CD will have a total playingtime of over 76 minutes. So all in all a perfect opportunity to get all previous CALLENISH CIRCLE material featured on one CD for the price of a regular CD. And of course also for those who haven’t got the opportunity to get ahold of the band’s previous recordings in an earlier stage. Expect this release to be released in October / November. For more information, promotion, distribution, wholesales or trades contact Painkiller Records: The "Graceful… Yet Forbidding" album was licensed on cassette to Psychic Scream Entertainment for South East Asia. Right now CALLENISH CIRCLE are working on license-deals for North / South America, Russia and Japan and hope to have the album out there asap. CALLENISH CIRCLE will furthermore be present at the Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Festival on the 14th of October in the 013-club ("The Choice") in Tilburg (Holland). They will exclusively play their classic cover ‘Pull The Plug’ from the legendary "Leprosy"-album. All benefits gained from this festival will be forwarded to Chuck Schuldiner. So all be there and support the godfather of Death Metal once more in his struggle for life! Don’t let him down!!! The following killer line-up will be present and remember all bands play for free and need your support: God Dethroned – Altar – Goddes of Desire – Occult – Callenish Circle – Severe Torture – Thanatos – Mangled – Shadowbreed – Outburst and Flesh Made Sin. For more information contact Kasper at Metal Mania Agency : Or visit the official website for this festival at :

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