August 15, 2001

MACABRE have re-released their classic album "Gloom" with six additional live-songs from 1986. The sound is re-mastered and all the lyrics are included. "Grim Reality" might be re-released soon as well. Their new album "Murder Metal" is planned to be recorded early 2002. Future-plans also include a possible live-recording and the possibility of a Video / DVD.

CRUACHAN‘s newest album "Folk-Lore" will be released on January 21st 2001 and this album is a lot more metallic in sound, although the folk parts are still included. Meanwhile their debut "Tuatha Na Gael" from 1995 is ready for re-release on September 10th. This one is re-mastered and includes three bonus-songs from their Promo ’97 which almost lead to a deal with a German label.

REBAELLIUN is ready to blow up the world. "Annihilation" will be out on September 17.

BLOOD RED THRONE is releasing their "Monument Of Death" October 22nd and the title speaks for itself. Tchort (ex-Emperor, ex-Satyricon, still involved in Carpathian Forest and Green Carnation)’s new band will cause a lot of talk fore sure. The first 1.000 CD’s come in a suicide-kit, including printed razor-blades and will be handnumbered with real blood of the bandmembers (only being sold through the mailorders!).

AETERNUS has finally found the fitting artwork for their fourth full-length album "Ascention Of Terror". This album will continue their path to mix the typical AETERNUS-sound with Death Metal influences. Release in November.

SINISTER‘s "Creative Killings" will be out on November 19th.

MONSTROSITY will do a very cool release in between two studio-albums. On November 26th "Enslaving The Masses" will be released and it will be a double-disc. Disc one features their demos (with CorpseGrinder of Cannibal Corpse on vocals!), while disc two features an excellent live-set in their current line-up. Value for money, and 2002 will see their new album, the follow up to the brilliant "Dark Purity".

SATARIEL have finished the recordings of "Phobos & Deimos". The album will feature Messiah Marcolin (Candlemass/Memento Mori) on guest-vocals and was produced by Daniel Bergstrand (a.o. Darkane, Strapping Young Lad, Messuggah).

MORIFADE is currently recording their new album "Imaginarium" under supervision of Andy Laroque.

IMPIOUS from Sweden have been signed by Hammerheart Records. The band released two successful albums on Black Sun Records. Recordings planned for early 2002.

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