December 11, 2001

In light of the canceled Slipknot tour, IN FLAMES have journeyed to a secluded cabin in the woods to begin some prerecording on their new release. They have decided to remove themselves from the distractions of home and hammer out some songs. A fall 2002 release is anticipated.

DIMENSION ZERO‘s "Silent Night Fever" album will be released through Regain Records on January 14th. The band features Glenn Ljungstrom (ex-IN FLAMES) and Jesper Stromblad (In Flames). The album will also be available on LP and limited edition Picture LP.

The Forever Underground Festival will take place on February 15th – 16th at the Lost Creek Building in Clarksburg, WV. Tickets for the all-ages show are $15 for a one day pass and $30 for a two day pass. Confirmed acts include: FLESHGRIND, CINERARY, DISGORGE, PESSIMIST, BRODEQUIN, WACO JESUS, KRYPTIK EMBRACE, MOLDED HATE, DYSCRASIA, REGURGITATION, INFERNAL DOMINION, MORTALITY, PUTRILAGE, SAPROGENIC, LEUKORRHEA and DISEMBOWL. For ticket info go to: or call 304.745.3903 (ask for JR).

For DEW-SCENTED‘s upcoming performances the band will add a second, yet-to-be-named guitar player. Vocalist Leif Jensen commented, "We’ve been looking for about two years, but this new guy is really cool. He joined us on stage recently for the last two songs and played great." As of now, the band has no permanent plans to expand to a five-piece other than for live performances. Jensen left the possibility open, though, by adding, "We will see if we can continue with him. It’s just more power with a double axe attack!"

GORGOROTH are keeping busy planning, writing and rehearsing for the next album. The band plans to enter the studio early next year to record the follow-up to 2000’s "Incipit Sathanas".

PUNGENT STENCH‘s new album, "Masters Of Moral – Servants Of Sin", was recorded in July 2001 and features 10 new tracks, including classics such as ‘Loot Shoot Electrocute’, ‘Rex Paedophilus’ and ‘Suffer The Little Children To Come Unto Me’. Look for this sick and twisted disc when it is released on January 22nd.

TERROR 2000‘s new album, "Faster Disaster", will be released this summer. Songs on the disc will include: ‘Formula Flame Feast’, ‘Burn Out In Blood’ and ‘Terror 2001’.

VOMITORY have finished recording their new album, "Blood Rapture". Mastering of the release will be done this month. The tracklisting: ‘Chaos Fury’, ‘Hollow Retribution’, ‘Blessed And Forsaken’, ‘Madness Prevails’, ‘Redeemed In Flames’, ‘Rotting Hill’, ‘Nailed, Quartered, Consumed’, ‘Blood Rapture’ and an as-yet-to-be-titled track.

THE CROWN are heading back into Studio Mega to remaster their new album, "Crowned In Terror", due out in March.

SANATORIUM have received an offer from Crash Music to license their "Internal Womb Cannibalism" album for North America. The new remastered version will be released on February 12th. The band plan to do weekend tours of Austria in March over three or four weekends. They are also scheduled to perform for the first time in the U.S. at the Ohio Death Fest 2002.

GOD DETHRONED are back from Greece where they did a couple of shows with MARDUK. Jens describes the experience as "Awesome, we felt very welcome and played quite good as well, for our standards." The band plan on taking the next couple of months to focus on their other bands and writing the next GOD DETHRONED album. When asked about touring plans Jens noted that "hopefully we’ll get the chance to tour the States in spring or maybe summer and maybe do some fests this Summer as well…"

Norway’s WINDS have inked a deal with The End Records for North and South America. The bands new album, "Reflections Of The I", will be released in April. Check out the bands website at:

APRIL ETHEREAL has won Poland Radio’s Album Of The Month award for their "Advent" release. The band are currently on a UK tour.

SALEM has inked a three album deal with Germany’s KMG / System Shock. The label has released music from VADER, MALEVOLENT CREATION, KRABATHOR, MASTER and more. More info can be found at and KMG’s official site, or

Austria’s NERTHUS have released their new album, "Escape From Suction", through CCP.

RAGNAROK‘s new album, "In Nomine Satanas", will be out on January 21st through Regain. It will also be available in LP and Picture Disc LP formats.

The MARDUK tour that was canceled after the September 11th attacks is back on. The tour kicks off on January 11th, 2002 at The Lab in St. Paul, MN and wraps up on February 9th at the Creepy Crawl in St. Louis, MO. Support on the dates comes from AMON AMARTH and DIABOLIC.

DARKWELL have begun recording a new MCD, "Conflict Of Interest". The set should be complete by years end and will be released in March. It will feature four new tracks, one cover version, one live track and two live videos.

ANCIENT have scheduled a string of Spanish shows from February 21st to 24th. For further info go to:

MACABRE and NECROPHOBIC are confirmed for Wacken Open Air 2002, to take place in Germany in August.

DORN‘s "Falschheit" album is out now through CCP.

SIEBENBURGEN‘s Marcus Ehlin has NOT left the band, contrary to internet rumor. However, since the recording of their "Plagued Be Thy Angel" release, due to personal and musical differences, K. Hoijetzt and Linus Ekström have parted ways with the band. The band are now preparing for an upcoming tour with HOLLENTHON.

NUNSLAUGHTER‘s new live album, "Devil Metal", consists of two shows recorded in Lorain, OH and New York City. The limited edition CD is available for $16 (U.S.). Go to

Regain Records has reissued ramastered versions of the following albums: DERANGED‘s second album, "High On Blood" (with bonus material), EMBRACED‘s "Amorous Anathema" (with two bonus tracks), NAGLFAR‘s "Vittra" (with three bonus tracks) and EUCHARIST‘s "A Velvet Creation" (two bonus tracks). LP versions are also available.

VADER will release three limited edition double CD box sets on December 21st. They are: Metal Box – "Live In Japan" / "De Profundis", Metal Box – "Reborn In Chaos" / "Sothis" and Metal Box – "Darkest Age" / "Kingdom"

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