December 18, 2001

Finlands finest DEMIGOD has finally finished recording their second album "Shadow Mechanics" and it’s going to be released Feb.4, 2002 by Spikefarm records. The new album includes various material from tight Death / Thrash riffing to slow melancholic stuff.

SATYRICON were recently visited in the studio by guest artists Anja Garbarek and Knut Schreiner (EUROBOYS, ex-TURBONEGRO). The band are currently awaiting further contributions from Phil Anselmo (PANTERA, NECROPHAGIA) and David Vincent (GENITORTURES, ex-MORBID ANGEL).

KHOLD will enter the studio on December 17th to record their new album. A title has not yet been chosen.

SIEBENBURGEN‘s new album, "Plagued Be Thy Angel" is out now through Hammerheart.

ANCIENT RITES keyboardist Domingo Smets has left the band due to the ever-popular "musical differences" and has been replaced by OBLIVION / DANSE MACABRE keysman Davy Wouters.

BORKNAGAR have been nominated by the Norwegian price ALARM in the category for Best Metal Album of 2001.

The INFERNO FESTIVAL 2002 will be held in Oslo, Norway on March 29th and 30th (Easter Weekend) at the Rockefeller and John Dee venues. Confirmed bands include DODHEIMSGARD, BEHEMOTH and WINTERSORG. Approximately 20 more bands will be added, with the headliner to be announced on January 18th.

MARDUK‘s rescheduled U.S. tour kicks of on January 11th at The Lab in St. Paul, MN. Also on the bill are AMON AMARTH and DIABOLIC.

AGATHODAIMON are currently working on a European tour for March, along with three other bands. There’s also a new poll online at their website where you can choose your favourite song from "Chapter III", and also the one you like least. This might influence their choice of songs which will be picked to play live. Visit their website at

REQUIEM have finished the recording / mixing of their album. It will be mastered at Finnvox Studios (STRATOVARIUS, NIGHTWISH). The front-cover will be done by mega-artist Jason Juta, wait for some of pure fantasy.

RUPTURE CHRIST have booked the studio sessions for the 2nd week of February.

NIGHTSIDE‘s new line-up features Shax (Vocals), Diabolus Sylvarum (guitars), Beleth (drums) and Zyldajh Daimos (bass).

MARDUK‘s "Blackcrowned I" and "Blackcrowned II" are available on LP and picture disc LP through Regain.

Singer Johan Liiva (ex-ARCH ENEMY) has a new album out in Japan called "Deus Deceptor" under the band name of NON-EXIST. The album was produced by HYPOCRISY frontman Peter Tagtgren.

CENTURIAN‘s new album, "Liber ZarZax", will be out in the US and Canada on February 5th through Olympic / Century Media. The release will also be available in LP format in January through Germany’s Perverted Taste Records. The band will also be featured on a Hellspawn / Necropolis tribute to MORBID ANGEL, due out in January.

SLAYER taped footage for a live DVD at the San Francisco, CA Warfield show on Friday December 7th.

DESTRUCTION‘s new drummer is Marc Reign, formerly of ORTH and GUNJAH. His predecessor, Sven Vormann, revealed that he left the band because he simply hates touring.

DEEDS OF FLESH will release remixed and remastered versions of their debut album, "Trading Pieces", and their second album, "Inbreeding The Antropophagi", on January 7th through Displeased.

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