July 24, 2001

DESTRUCTION‘s new album, "The Antichrist", due out on August 27th, will be available on limited edition LP.

The Japanese edition of SLAYER‘s "God Hates Us All" album will feature the bonus track ‘Addict’. It’s out in Japan on August 22nd.

Brazil’s DROWNED have inked a deal with Cogumelo Records. Their first album for the label, "Bonegrinder", will be released in August. The tracklisting: ‘Who Is The King?’, ‘The Most Destructive Art’, ‘Men Who Break Bones’, ‘Third Master’, ‘Spiritual Force To Kill’, ‘Words From The Pit’, ‘Learn To Obey’, ‘Where Dark And Light Divide’, ‘Wisdom Without Direction’, ‘Praying For The One Who’s Left’, ‘Blood Sand’ and ‘Come And Taste The Victory’.

According to the ARCH ENEMY website, www.archenemy.net, the live debut of the new "Wages Of Sin" line-up will take place at this years Wacken Festival in Germany. The band will be playing on the Wet Stage on August 4th.

Check out MOTÖRHEAD‘s remake of their own ‘Orgasmatron’, titled ‘Orgasmatron 2000’, on musicblitz.com.

UNLEASHED will release a new album in spring 2002.

CARNAL FORGE‘s forthcoming album will be called "Please… Die!" and it will emerge this fall through Century Media.

DYING FETUS will play some U.S. dates in August with MASTODON and HOODS. The shows kick off on August 1st at Howard’s Club H in Bowling Green, OH and wrap on August 19th at Jaxx in Springfield, VA.

DEICIDE‘s new album, "In Torment In Hell", will be out in Canada on August 7th through Roadrunner.

AGALLOCH‘s new MCD, "Of Stone, Wind And Pillor", is available now. The set contains five rare or newly recorded songs: three from their unreleased 7" EP from 1998, a cover of SOL INVICTUS’s ‘Kneel To The Cross’, and an exclusive neo-classical piece by Breyer. The MCD is limited to 1,500 copies. The band plan to record a new full length album in September.

SCHOLOMANCE are putting the final touches on their upcoming release, "The Immortality Murder" planned for a fall 2001 release. The album will contain an extra CD. More details on this are to be announced at a later date.

EPOCH OF UNLIGHT are planning a small tour in support of their new release, "Caught In The Unlight".

NOKTURNAL MORTUM will release a box set next year to celebrate their 10th anniversary. It will include a lot of unreleased tracks and cover songs.

SCULPTURED‘s third full length album is tentatively titled "The Liminal Phase". The band have a new website at: www.lasteve.com/sculptured

The End Records have inked deals with Scandinavia’s GREEN CARNATION, San Diego’s NINTH LEVEL, Israel’s SLEEPLESS and Australia’s VIRGIN BLACK.

New Brunswick’s OBSCENE EULOGY have just finished recording a five track demo. All vocals come from Mikka Luttinen (IMPALED NAZARENE).

SOURCE OF TIDE have completed their new album, "BluePrints".

DORNENREICH, OF THE WAND AND THE MOON and TENHI will all tour together this year.

ABYSSOS‘ next album will be titled "Delomelanicon". The band hit the studio soon.

DARK FUNERAL‘s new album, "Diabolis Interium", is being released through No Fashion in August across Europe. The Japanese version features the four cover songs found on the band’s "Teach Children To Worship Satan" EP: ‘The Trial’, ‘Dead Skin Mask’, ‘Remember The Fallen’ and ‘Pagan Fears’.

THE KOVENANT are currently busy working on their new album, tentatively titled "S.E.T.I – (The Search For Extraterrestrial Existence)" after the NASA space observation program monitoring alien communication. Expect an early 2002 release.

THE ARMADA now have a limited edition MCD available. Tracks on the set include: ‘Tribal Dance’, ‘Wheel Of Fate’, ‘Voices’ (what a beautiful title – Ed.) and two instrumentals. The band features former STORMWITCH members Peter Langer (drums) and Damir Uzunovic (guitar), as well as bass-player Matthias Mailänder (ex-AGENT ORANGE, MON AMOUR), lead vocalist Dirk Schaeffner (RITUAL SPIRIT) and keyboard player Mathias Nagl.

ANTAEUS have inked a deal with Osmose. The band is currently writing for their second album, "De Principii Evangelikum", to be released in early 2002.

INHUME have signed to Osmose for the release of their next two albums. Their first release for the label, "Decomposing From Inside", will be recorded early next year for release in April or May 2002.

Due to some problems, the Sound Suite Studio, where SETH was to record its new album, had to shut down until September 2001. The recording of "Divine X", which should have taken place in July, is postponned to the end of 2001. Viccomte Arkames will leave the band after the recording of the new album. He is now a full time member of AD INFERNA and MORNING RISE.

The Devilish Decadence Tour 2001, featuring ANCIENT CEREMONY, MYSTERIUM and others kicks off on October 31st in Luxembourg and runs through ’til November 10th in Germany.

ASGARD will hit the studio in August to record their debut album, "Cold Season".

WITCHERY‘s new album, "Symphony Of The Devil", will be released late this summer.

Displeased has obtained the vinyl rights to OPETH‘s "Morningrise", "Orchid" and "My Arms Your Hearse". They will be released as double LPs.

Two SLAUGHTER albums, "Paranormal" / "Not Dead Yet" and "Strappado", will be re-issued in digipak format on August 13th. Both released will feature bonus live tracks.

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