July 31, 2001

According to www.sentenced.org SENTENCED will hit the studio from December to January to work on a new album. It will be recorded at Tico-Tico Studios in Kemi, Finland, and mixed at Finnvox Studios. Song titles include ‘Neverlasting’, ‘Aika Multaa Muistot (Everything Is Nothing)’, ‘Excuse Me While I Kill Myself’, ‘Losing My Faith’, ‘Wither, Blood & Tears’ and ‘Man In The Bottle’.

KATAKLYSM begins their Cross-Canada tour on August 4th in Quebec City and runs until the 26th in Winnipeg. Their highly anticipated new album, "Epic (The Poetry Of War)", is due out on September 18th.

CARNAL FORGE has undergone a slight line-up change. Guitarist Johan Magnusson is out of the band causing bassist Petri Kuusisto to switch over to guitars while Lars Lindén (ex-ROSICRUSIAN / SLAPDASH) will be filling in on bass duty (Lindén is also responsible for the band’s website as well as illustrating the cover for their second album, "Firedemon"). Carnal Forge has finished recording their new album, "Please… Die!", at Studio Underground. 12 new songs were recorded.

CADAVER INC will be making their first ever US appearance on Friday, August 10, at the Milwaukee Metalfest. Also scheduled is a headlining show at New York’s CBGB on April 12.

The much-hyped DESTRUCTION, KREATOR, SODOM European tour begins on December 26th in Germany. All three bands will be billed as co-headliners, and they will be alternating their positions on the bill every evening.

DESTRUCTOR has finished recording eleven new tracks.

Sweden’s DARKANE have recorded three covers for use on future tribute albums: ACCEPT’s ‘Restless And Wild’, IRON MAIDEN’s ‘Powerslave’ and SLAYER’s ‘War Ensemble’.

ARCH ENEMY have been added to the Beast Feast Festival lineup in Japan.

Sweden’s BORN OF FIRE, featuring ENTOMBED drummer Peter Stjarnvind, UNLEASHED guitarist Freddie Eugene, DISMEMBER bassist Richard Cabeza and guitarist / vocalist Mr. Dim, are working on the material for their debut album, which is tentatively scheduled to be released through Primitive Art Records at the end of the year.

DARK FUNERAL‘s "Diabolis Internum" is due out on September 24th in Europe and has the following tracklisting: ‘The Arrival Of Satan’s Empire’, ‘Hail Murder’, ‘Goddess Of Sodomy’, ‘Diabolis Interium’, ‘An Apprentice Of Satan’, ‘Thus I Have Spoken’, ‘Armageddon Finally Comes’ and ‘Heart Of Ice’. The album will be out on August 22nd in Japan. The album was produced by Peter Tägtgren and studio technician Lars Szöke. The band lineup includes: guitarist Lord Ahriman, bassist / vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula, guitarist Dominion and drummer Matte Modin.

BORKNAGAR have finished recording their new album, "Empiricism", in Fagerborg / Top Room studio in Oslo, Norway. Børge Finnstad co-produced the record – he worked on the latest MAYHEM album, "Grand Declaration Of War". The album will feature nine songs and have a total running time of around 45 minutes. A release date has not been set for "Empiricism".

Earache is reissuing UNSEEN TERROR‘s "Human Error" and SPAZZTIC BLUR‘s self-titled debut in August. The former features NAPALM DEATH bassist Shane Embury on drums and there are additional tracks from the first ever studio recording session in 1987 and the last ever recordings from 1989. Liner notes have been contributed by UNSEEN TERROR’s guitarist and vocalist Mitch Dickinson, and are complimented by unreleased photos. As for the latter release, Spazztic Blur is being called a hybrid of MR. BUNGLE and early SUICIDAL TENDENCIES.

VENOM‘s "Live In London" is a new DVD out in the US.

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