June 03, 2001

The Hellspawn Records releases HELL 001 – 006 are out of print and officially deleted now. However, Hammerheart Records are / will be re-releasing a few of them. This goes for the following releases: DARK FUNERAL "In The Sign…" CD, INFERNAL MCD, VON "Satanic Blood" CD and V/A – "In Conspiracy With Satan" BATHORY tribute CD. All of them are / will be repackaged and coming in new cool designs. (Hammerheart have also released the DARK FUNERAL "In the Sign…" and the INFERNAL on 12" Vinyl limited editions. Glossy covers and lyrics etc.). A very small amount of the originals are left and can be ordered directly from Hellspawn Records. They will never be reprinted though, so this is the only chance to get them. Check out the order section of the new website www.hellspawnrecords.com in the coming weeks.

After some struggles with previous members INFERNAL is finally back again. The band nowadays consists of Blackmoon, handling the lead vocals and guitars, no other than ex-DARK FUNERAL demon Alzazmon on drums and new warbrother Equinox on bass. A second guitarist is being checked out at the moment. New material is being written and recorded right now, two covers and three brand new tracks featuring the new line-up. One of the covers is ‘Chapel Of Ghouls’ for a new MORBID ANGEL tribute, entitled "Abominations Of Satan" which will be issued after this summer as a co-operation between Hellspawn and Necropolis Records Other contributions come from a.o. ZYKLON, KRISIUN, ANGELCORPSE, BEHEMOTH, SOULREAPER and several more wellknown acts. The other cover tune is ‘… Of Doom’ for Vol.II of the BATHORY tribute to be released later this year. The INFERNAL full-length will not be recorded until very late this year. However, some of the new tracks will be available for download in the near future from www.hellspawnrecords.com.

WAR is now officially defunct as there’s been too many problems over the years in the bands existence. But the band has now changed into TOTAL WAR, and will follow the old WAR concept. Musically, there will be a difference since TOTAL WAR will be a totally serious band heading a little bit more into the Death Metal direction. Still there will be strong traces of the old style and traces of SLAYER and old MORBID ANGEL. More information coming soon.

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