June 14, 2001

SHADOWBREED have a new contact address as their bass player Kasper has just left the band. In a press release he explained his reasons as follows: "I have made this decision after a lot of thinking but unfortunatly things aren’t working out for me as a person anymore within the band. Call it musical differences or call it lack of time and interest, I simply decided to quit. No massive reason needed. The main reason propably is that I want to concentrate myself more on arranging gigs and tours or managing bands. Maybe in the future I will start or join a new band but at the moment there are no plans in that direction. I will do two more shows before I finally leave, this to give SHADOWBREED some more time on finding a replacement. I had a great time over the last few years and will keep those memories with my forever…" The band’s new contact address is: Remigius Zwerus, Volderstraat 89, 6231 LB, Meerssen, The Netherlands, e-mail remigius.shadow@12move.nl

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