June 20, 2001

Germany’s finest Crust / Deathgrinders VIU DRAKH have a limited edition (500 copies) picture vinyl version of their awesome album "Take No Prisoners, Grind Them All And Leave This Hell" available. So, all vinyl junkies shouldn’t hesitate for a second, but immediately get in touch with Xetal Records (xetalrecords@web.de) or their management (lizmail@t-online.de) for detailed ordering information.

Sweden’s EBONY TEARS are back with a new album entitled "Evil As Hell", which will be released on June 29. Their label Black Sun Records describes it as follows: "Imagine a cross between early Slayer, Meshuggah, Haunted, Strapping Young Lad and Testament and you get a pretty good idea of how this new album sounds like. Very complex and technical, with the incredibly fast, aggressive and tight drum and guitar playing that has become the trade mark of Ebony Tears, this album really rocks…" Pre-listening at www.blacksun.se

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