November 27, 2001

To help Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH, CONTROL DENIED), Nuclear Blast have added an auction page to their website. There, you may bid for three cymbals which were signed by various bands during the Wacken Open Air and Summer Breeze Festivals. Some of the bands were: SAXON, DORO, STRATOVARIUS, LEFAY, NEVERMORE, THE HAUNTED, MORTICIAN, WITCHERY and AT THE GATES among others. Proceeds from this auction will be given to Chuck to help him with his therapy. Check it out at:

Guitarist Marcus Sunesson (THE CROWN) is filling the vacant guitar slot for THE HAUNTED‘s North American tour. The Crown have just about finished their new CD featuring new vocalist Thomas Lindberg (AT THE GATES).

CATASTROPHIC drummer Rob Maresca has inked his own endorsement deal with Axxis Percussion.

According to, Doug Harper, a friend of former TESTAMENT / DEATH / OBITUARY guitarist James Murphy has set up an E-bay auction of autographed copies of James’s two solo CD’s with the proceeds going to James’recovery fund. Murphy is fighting a benign brain tumor.

After a year of controversy, including a full investigation by Norwegian Parliament, the CADAVER INC Murder Scene Clean-Up and Corpse Removal Service has gone out of business. Meanwhile, the domain has been taken over by CADAVER INC, the band. See for the latest info on the band

VADER have enlisted new bassist, Simon (ex-HUNTER). Their forthcoming album, "Epitaph", will be recorded in January / February.

Nuclear Blast plan to release a special DISSECTION VHS/DVD featuring rare video footage of their past tours. The label are desperately searching for people that own master tapes or good copies of Dissection video bootlegs. There won’t be a release if the band doesn’t get more material to choose from. For further info, check

RED HARVEST are currently in preproduction for their upcoming album. The band will be recording in November at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio with American producer Neil Kernon. More news to come regarding title, release date and touring dates.

AMON AMARTH‘s first U.S. tour, in support of MARDUK, kicks off on January 11th at The Lab in St. Paul, NM and wraps up on February 3rd at The Mason Jar in Phoenix, AZ.

LIMBONIC ART are currently preparing for a new full-length album. The band will most likely be recording the album in the end of the year. No album title confirmed. More news to come. The following album’s from Limbonic Art’s back-catalogue have just been put out on license in the U.S. via Candlelight Records: "Moon In The Scorpio", "In Abhorrence Dementia" and "Ad Noctum – Dynasty Of Death". All albums include bonus tracks.

APOTHEOSIS (Malta), who signed with NAP already back in 1998 have FINALLY started the recording of their debut album.

SIRIUS has currently finished their contract with NAP and have decided to sign with Nuclear Blast. NAP will still push and promote "Aeons Of Magick" and "Spectral Transition – Dimension Sirius". "Spectral Transitions" has just been put out on license in the U.S. via Candlelight Records.

NAP has decided not to open further options with TIDFALL and WYNJARA. Neither of these bands are any longer under contract with NAP. Tidfall has currently signed with Nuclear Blast. NAP will still push and promote their "Circular Supremacy" and Wynjara’s self titled album. Tidfall’s "Circular Supremacy" will be out on license via Candlelight U.S. early next year.

MAYHEM guitarist Blasphemer will begin recording his debut solo CD in December / January for Seasons Of Mist.

MARDUK‘s forthcoming box set, "Blackcrowned", is set for release on January 21st. The set is limited to 10,000 copies and will contain 2 CD’s with unreleased and hard to find material and a video cassette with over 1 hour of live clips and a booklet with all unpublished lyrics and full biography. The 2 CD’s will be released as limited edition vinyl versions, 500 copies each on black vinyl and picture disc.

Guitarist Linus Ekström and vocalist Kicki Höijertz have left SIEBENBÜRGEN and have been replaced by Fredrik Folkare and Turid Walderhaug respectively. The band’s new album, "Plagued Be Thy Angel", is due out through Napalm in early December.

SIEGFRIED have released a new album, Drachenherz, through Napalm…

MEDULLA NOCTE have officially split up.

SATYRICON have completed the recording of their new album and are currently waiting to mix.

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