October 02, 2001

The Swedish (October 2nd at Hovet in Stockholm) and Finnish (October 4th at Jaahalli in Helsinki) dates of the Tattoo The Planet have shaped up to be incredible bills with IN FLAMES and AMORPHIS joining CRADLE OF FILTH and headliners SLAYER.

DESTRUCTION have signed on to perform at next summer’s Wacken festival.

CANNIBAL CORPSE‘s new album will be called "Gore Obsessed", and will be released in February.

DECAPITATED have completed the recording of "Nihility", the much-anticipated follow-up to their debut, "Winds Of Creation". The release is set for early 2002.

New Earache signing INSISION have entered Berno Studios.

KREATOR‘s "Violent Revolution" album is available on a 2 LP vinyl set.

CARNAL FORGE have undergone a slight line-up change. Guitarist Johan Magnusson is out of the band, resulting in bassist Petri Kuusisto switching over to guitars while Lars Lindén (ex-ROSICRUSIAN, SLAPDASH) fills in on bass duty. The band have finished recording their new album, "Please Die!", at Studio Underground. Song titles include: ‘Everything Dies’, ‘No Resurrection’, ‘A World All Soaked In Blood’, ‘Fuel For Fire’, ‘Welcome To Your Funeral’, ‘Please… Die! (Aren’t You Dead Yet)’, ‘A Higher Level Of Pain’, ‘Hand Of Doom’, ‘Becoming Dust’, ‘Butchered, Slaughtered, Strangled, Hanged’, ‘Totalitarian Torture’ and ‘Slaves’. The album will be released early next year and the band will tour Europe with MORTICIAN in support of its release.

According to Blabbermouth, VADER have parted ways with Shambo and are auditioning new bassists to replace him before they begin recording their new album, due out in May through Metal Blade. The band will enter the studio in February to work on their follow-up to "Reign Forever World". If all goes as planned the recording and mixing will be finished in April 2002. The new bassist will make his debut with Vader at the Thrash ‘Em All Festival in November.

THE CROWN have completed pre-production for their new album, "Crowned In Terror". The band are currently reviewing the tracks to see if there are ways to improve some songs or riffs, and will soon enter the studio to begin recording. The album will feature ‘0 songs including, ‘Drugged Unholy’, ‘Crowned In Terror’, ‘Under The Whip’ and ‘(I Am) Hell’. The band are aiming for an early 2002 release.

The official Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Festival takes place on October ‘4th at The Choice in Tilburg, Holland. Acts scheduled to perform include: GOD DETHRONED, GODDES OF DESIRE, OCCULT, CALLENISH CIRCLE, SEVERE TORTURE, THANATOS, MANGLED, SHADOWBREED, OUTBURST and FLESH MADE SIN. More information on this event is available at the following website: come.to/chucktribute.

According to the KRISIUN website, the band will play four dates in Japan between October 5th and 9th. Support at the shows will come from various bands including RITUAL CARNAGE, BAKED BOMB, BASSAIUM, NECRONOMICOM and DEAD BY DAWN. While in the country, Krisiun will also take part in an autograph session at the Disc Union store in Tokyo. In other Krisiun news, Century Media has confirmed that the band will support NEVERMORE on their South American tour dates in Curitiba on October ‘8th, in Sao Paulo on October ‘9th and 20th and in Santiago, Chile on October 2’st.

SEPULTURA have been added to the bill for the UK / Irish "Tattoo The Planet" dates.

DESTRUCTION‘s website posted a rather cryptic message recently regarding the fact that they "… won’t play anymore dates on the German Tattoo The Planet tour".

DIMMU BORGIR and Nuclear Blast are planning to release a limited edition live shaped CD. The disc will include five live songs recorded in Stuttgart on the "Puritanical" tour. The recording was mixed by Peter Tägtgren in Abyss studio. Nothing has been done with the sound quality so it will sound unpolished and like a kick in the face. The CD will only be available at mail order from Nuclear Blast and is expected to be released in December 200′ / January 2002.

Germany’s MEPHISTOPHELES have completed their new album, "Modern Instinct’s Purity". Some downloads from the album are available at: www.mephistopheles666.com.

DAMNATION and HELL-BORN (featuring ex-members of BEHEMOTH and members of Damnation) are set to embark on the "Damned In Hell" European Tour 200′. The dates begin on October ‘7th at MegaKlub in Katowice, Poland and run through Otil November 3rd at The Underworld in London, England. MYSTERIUM and ANCIENT CEREMONY will also appear on the final date in London.

NECROPHAGIA will release their split 7" with SIGH in early 2002. Killjoy has also revealed that the ENOCH project’s album will be finished in December.

ANCIENT have cut AD INFERNA and WINDIR from the bill of their upcoming European tour. STORMLORD and THYRANE will remain on the bill.

The new DARK FUNERAL album is now delayed due to pressing problems. More details as they come in.

ARCH ENEMY‘s Christopher Amott and Japan’s Caparison Guitars is designing a "Christopher Amott" signature guitar model. Says Christopher, "I have been playing these guitars since ‘997 and developed a great relationship with both the instruments and the people that make them! This guitar will be a killer instrument if everything works out – a real SHRED tool, hehe…" The Arch Enemy website, www.archemeny.net, will be updated with info on how to obtain the guitar once it goes on the market.

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