September 05, 2001

DISMEMBER are currently rehearsing new material, although they had an unfortunate set back when they lost their long time rehearsal space. It’s most likely that Fred Estby will again produce the album at Das Boot studios. Early signs indicate more of a return to the old school sound of the Death Metal album.

IN FLAMES will support SLIPKNOT on their UK tour starting on November 2nd. The dates care as follows: 11/2/2001 – International Arena in Cardiff, 11/4/2001 – Centre in Brighton, 11/6/2001 – SECC Hall 2 in Glasgow, 11/8/2001 – Arena in Manchester, 11/9/2001 – NEC in Birmingham, 11/10/2001 – Docklands Arena in London

The reformed EXODUS plan to write new material for an album to be released late in 2002 through Century Media.

Net sources say that reuited thrash legends EXODUS, VIO-LENCE and FORBIDDEN are considering a tour package dubbed the Bay Area Invasion. Blabbermouth says that the bill is presently being put together by Walter Morgan’s Deadly Embrace Productions (the people behind the Thrash Of The Titans benefit concert for TESTAMENT vocalist Chuck Billy. According to Morgan, several US and Japanese dates are being planned during the coming months, with the possibility that additional European gigs will take place at a later time.

Tracks set to appear on CANNIBAL CORPSE‘s upcoming studio release include: ‘Hatchet To The Head’, ‘Pit Of Zombies’ and ‘Worm Infested’.

SLAYER will participate in an autograph session on September 10th at midnight at Wherehouse Music at 617 North Main Street in Corona, CA

MONSTROSITY will enter the studio this fall to record their next album, expected to be released in February.

MASTER have released a new mini-CD, Follow Your Master, through Last Exit.

HIRAX have a new eight song EP, Barrage Of Noise, available on CD and 10" red vinyl. For more info go to:

According to Blabbermouth, Nuclear Blast will be releasing another live CD from DEATH, Live In Eindhoven, on October 29th. The disc will only be available through Nuclear Blast mail order. The album was recorded at the group’s Dynamo Festival appearance in ’98. The CD will sell for $7, and $2.50 of each CD will go directly to the Chuck Schuldiner Medical Fund. There will also be a DVD for $12 of the same show. Both the CD and DVD will only be available in slip-sleeves (no jewel cases).

HYPNOSIA‘s Cab made the following statement on the band’s upcoming album: "We are working on new material and hope to record the second full-length album in December of this year. We don’t have a title for the album yet, but some songs on the album are: ‘Defaced’, ‘Less Than Zero’, ‘Men Behind The Sun’, ‘Living Misery’, ‘Twisted Avocation’, ‘Embrionic Waste’ and ‘Rise Of Severity’.

IMPALED are working on their next album, to be recorded at Sweden’s Sunlight studios later this year for a 2002 release.

IN AETERNUM have parted ways with drummer Jocke Olofsson and guitarist Paul Johansen. The split was amicable. Alongside founding member David Larsson (guitar/vocals), they now have Andreas Vaple on bass and Peter Andersson on drums.

DARK TRANQUILLITY will enter Studio Fredman on February 6th, 2002 to begin recording their next album

World War III has acquired exclusive rights to distribute the newly formed Mercenary Musik label for North American Distribution. With this agreement Mercenary Musik, owned by Jerry Battle, will see it’s entire catalog distributed and marketed by World War III. The first releases from this young label street on September 25th 2001, with titles from: HEADHUNTER, DEATH CULT, NEPHASTH, ABORYM, DIABOLICAL, ENTER MY SILENCE, CARPATHIAN FOREST, MYSTIC CIRCLE, ASTRAL, BELPHEGOR and KEEP OF KALESSIN.

IMMOLATION and Metal Blade have parted company

BLACK DAWN‘s forthcoming album, Blood For Satan, has the following tracklisting: ‘Pitbound (The 4th Trial Of Acolyte)’, ‘A Hymn To Grand Darkness – The Creed Of Hoath’, ‘Of Blackest Witchcraft’, ‘Enemy Of The Day’, ‘Graverape Ritual – The Hoath Manifesto’, ‘A Horned Moon Rising’, ‘Blood For Satan’, ‘To Haunt And To Feed’, ‘When The Shadows Become Flesh’ and ‘Within Ye Woods, Before Ye Throne’.

MARDUK and AMON AMARTH have added DIABOLIC as openers on their forthcoming tour that is set to begin on on October 4th in St. Louis and run through early November.

MISTELTEIN recorded their new album, Divine. Desecrate. Complete., in studio Berno. The album will be released on October 8th. The band will then kick off their tour with GOD DETHRONED and NIGHT IN GALES on October 16th at Trillias in Newcastle, England. The dates wrap up on November 4th at Indian¹s Saloon in Milano, Italy.

NOKTURNAL MORTUM have been dropped by The End Records.

EXMORTEM will play about nine shows in Austria, Holland and Germany in October. All shows will be with labelmates MANGLED and two or three shows will be in support for GOD DETHRONED. A Scandinavian tour in November with BLOOD RED THRONE and

THRONEAEON is currently being planned. It will cover Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

AETURNUS have a new website address: Go there for a sample of the forthcoming album, Ascention of Terror. V’gandr (HELHEIM) is now the session bassist but he will remain with his current band full-time. The tracklisting for Ascention of Terror: ‘Possessed By The Serpents Vengeance’, ‘Slaying The Lambs’, ‘Ascension Of Terror’, ‘The Essence Of The Elder’, ‘Warlust’, ‘Wrath Of The WarLord’, ‘Burning The Shroud’, ‘Denial Of Salvation’ and ‘The Lair Of Anubis’.

The release of BLOOD RED THRONE‘s Monument Of Death album has been postponed due to problems with the extremely brutal artwork. The CD will now come inside a specially designed slipcase. Everything, including the poster design, is being re-tooled after having been rejected by several outlets overseas. A Scandanavian tour for the fall is being discussed that would include label-mates EXMORTEM and THRONEAEON.

THANATOS drummer Aad has left the band. He couldn’t commit to the band because of his work with SINISTER and HOUWITSER. He will be replaced by Yuri Rinkel (also in LIAR OF GOLGOTHA). The band will start writing new material for their upcoming fourth album which they plan to record around the end of 2001.

The UK’s THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL release their new album, The Excommunication Of Christ, on October 1st through Supernal Music. The band are described as Black Metal with Mediaeval and Middle Eastern influences. Guests on the album include A.C. Wild (BULLDOZER), Huw Lloyd Langton (ex-HAWKWIND), Kobold (OLD FOREST) and HISTORY OF GUNS. The tracklisting: ‘The Excommunication Of Christ’, ‘Angelwhore’, ‘The Watchers Of Catal Huyuk’, ‘Agrat Bat Malab’, ‘Weeping Tears Of Angel Light’, ‘Bene Ha Elohim’, ‘Assault And Battery’, ‘Jezebel And The Philistines’, ‘Pale Bread Hunger’, ‘Rise In Godless Hell’, ‘Disembodied Voices Of Melchizedek’ and ‘Falling With Lightning Rays Beamed Through The Blazing Firmament Towards The Untended Burial Ground Of Bharsag’. The first edition of 1000 units includes the bonus track ‘Calling All Monsters’.

DARKMOON‘s new album, .308 Antichrist, is out on September 3rd in limited release. Artwork comes from Travis Smith (NEVERMORE, OPETH).

NECROPHOBIC will enter the Sunlight Studios with producer Tomas Skogsberg in September to record their 4th CD, Bloodhymns.

Century Media Germany will reissue GRAVE‘s first album, "Into The Grave", on September 17th. The album will include the following bonus tracks: ‘Tremendous Pain’, ‘Putrefaction Remains’, ‘Haunted’, ‘Day Of Mourning’, ‘Eroded’, ‘Inhuman’, ‘Obscure Infinity’ and ‘Soulless’ (video enhancement).

Century Media Germany will reissue UNLEASHED‘s first album, "Where No Life Dwells", on September 17th. Bonus tracks on the release will include: ‘The Dark One’, ‘If They Had Eyes’, ‘Dead Forever’, ‘Unleashed’, ‘Where Life Ends’, ‘The Dark Utter Revenge’, ‘Violent Ecstasy’, ‘Before The Creation Of Time’ (video enhancement) and ‘The One Insane’ (video enhancement).

IN THE WOODS previously out of print demo, A Return To The Isle Of Men, is available again with brand new artwork through Hammerheart. The re-issue includes several bonus tracks.

CRUACHAN‘s debut, Tuatha Na Gael, will be re-issued in September thourgh Hammerheart Holland and made available as an import through Hammerheart America. This CD has been re-mastered and includes three bonus tracks from their O97 promotional CD.

EXUMER have re-released their ’86 album, Possessed By Fire. The remastered disc includes three rare bonus tracks and a new 16 page booklet with liner notes and rare photos.

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