September 18, 2001

After their strong and powerful album "The Heresy Of An Age Of Reason" (released in 2000) Swedish Black Metallers THY PRIMORDIAL terminated the contract with Singapore’s Pulverized Records. A new contract with Blackend Records is already signed by now. Blackend are (hopefully) going to re-release the previous four albums of THY PRIMORDIAL. In the meantime THY PRIMORDIAL have recorded their fifth album that will see the light later this year. At the moment they are waiting for the cover-painting to arrive. Although the forthcoming album was recorded in The Abyss studio you do not need to be afraid to get a faceless production again. Judging the rough-mix it does not sound typically Abyss. Instead the sound will be very powerful, brutal and therefore fitting to the more technical and pretentious song-structures THY PRIMORDIAL come up with on their new album. It is quite obvious that they managed to increase their musical abilities once more. So, be prepared for the next storm coming.

KREATOR performed a free show in their hometown of Essen recently in front of 12,000 people. Meanwhile, the band are working on a video clip for the title track of their new album, Violent Revolution, due out on September 24th. The first pressing will be a strictly limited edition containing bonus tracks and unique packaging. Kreator will co-headline Europe this fall with CANNIBAL CORPSE, DESTRUCTION and SODOM.

SUSPERIA are currently on 11 new songs, 10 will be completed and recorded for the second album that will be recorded at Abyss Studios in late November. Peter Tagtgren and Lars Zsoke are producing the record, due out next May. Some new songtitles include: ‘Cage Of Remembrance’, ‘The Bounty Hunter’ and ‘Anguished Scream For Vengeance’.

DEATH‘s CD / double LP / DVD / VHS release, Live In L.A. (Death & Raw) debuts on October 16th. Included in the disc will be an order form for another live Death disc recorded in Eindhoven. For each disc sold, $2.50 will go directly to vocalist Chuck Schuldiner to help in his fight with a life threatening, extremely rare form of brain cancer. For more information please visit:

GODGORY‘s new Studio Fredman recorded album, Way Beyond, will be released on October 2nd through Nuclear Blast

Pre-recording has already begun on SOILWORK‘s next album. Tracks to appear on the album include: ‘The Bringer’, ‘Blackstar Deceiver’, ‘As We Speak’, ‘No More Angels’ and ‘Follow The Hollow’. Devin Townsend and Fredrik Nordström will begin mixing in early December and the band hope to have the finished disc in time for Christmas, aiming for a March release.

THERION release their new album, Secret Of The Runes, on November 13th through Nuclear Blast.

ESQARIAL will release their new album, Discoveries, on October 15th in Poland through Empire Records. The band will appear at the Thrash ’em All Festival in November along with KRISIUN, VADER, BEHEMOTH and others.

A video clip for GOD DETHRONED‘s ‘Villa Vampiria’ is available at:

CARNAL FORGE have scheduled a 25 date European tour in January with headliners MORTICIAN and two other acts.

DARK TRANQUILLITY will perform on October 6th at the Concert Hall in Istanbul, Turkey. There will also be a signing session on October 5th at 1pm in Köstebek Music, located in the Aznavur Pasaj. The band is currently busy in the rehearsal room writing new material and have booked Studio Fredman from February 6th to record their 6th, as yet untitled, full length album.

Hiili Hiilesmaa will again produce the next SENTENCED album, which will be recorded in January at Tico-Tico Studio and Finnvox Studios. Songs on the album will include: ‘Guilt And Regret’, ‘As Hard As I Try’, ‘At Your Grave’, ‘You Are The One’, ‘Neverlasting’, ‘Aika Multaa Muistot (Everything Is Nothing)’, ‘Excuse Me While I Kill Myself’, ‘Losing My Faith’, ‘Wither’, ‘Blood & Tears’ and ‘Man In The Bottle’.

HOUWITSER have completed the recording of their new album, Rage Inside The Womb. Tracks set to appear on the album include: ‘Exposed To Poison’, ‘Vengeance Needs Blood’, ‘A Bite Of A Deceased Ratt’, ‘Unleash The Fury’ and ‘Gutted In The Gutter’. The album will be released through Osmose in October or November. A full tour will follow. Also, the band have released a new 7" through Displeased Records. The green vinyl single includes the POSSESSED cover, ‘March To Die’ and a track from the band’s ’98 demo.

INHUME have signed a two album deal with Osmose. The band are writing for a new album that is to be recorded in late 2001/early 2002. A release is expected in April or May of 2002.

BELFEGOR release their second album, The Work Of Destruction, on October 15th through Empire Records in Poland. The album will include a video-clip for ‘Loneliness Amidst My Wrath’.

NECROPHOBIC‘s Bloodhymns will be released next February and will feature 10 new compositions. The album will be recorded at Sunlight Studios with Tomas Skogsberg.

ANTAEUS have inked a deal with Osmose, and are currently writing their new album, De Principii Evangelikum, which will likely be released in early 2002.

FINNTROLL have canceled their European tour with TRISTANIA, ROTTING CHRIST, VINTERSORG and MADDER MORTEM. The band’s mother label, Spinefarm, has issued this official statement, "Hell-O!!! It is with great sorrow and grief that we announce the unfortunate fact that Finntroll will not be able to join the planned European tour with Rotting Christ, Tristania, Madder Mortem and Vintersorg because Katla has lost his voice. The doctor very clearly stated that Katla is not allowed to sing at all for two months. It seems that Europe is spared. For now…"

CHAOS THEORY are looking for a new singer to replace Dan, who is leaving to pursue his dream of finishing College. If you are interested in an audition, e-mail the band at: or call 609-298-EVIL. Words from the band, "The band are planning on going in a new direction musically, so candidates should have a wide range of both clear and rough vocals, a good ear for melody and a kick ass stage presence. Song and lyric writing is a plus. Heavy touring schedule, industry contacts, national media attention. Are you ready?" Dan’s farewell show is on October 27th in Trenton, NJ. The venue will be determined soon.

Viccomte Arkames will leave SETH after the recording of their new album, Divine X. He is now a full time member of AD INFERNA and MORNING RISE.

Damon Bloodstorm is leaving ABOMINATOR, citing a permanent break from the hectic schedule of band life. The band is down to a two piece again and is currently looking for a bass player and possibly a second guitarist to continue their live assault. They have just completed their second album, Subversives For Lucifer, and are now writing material for their third album, which will be called Cascading Carnage.

IMPIETY will record their new assault at Stage One Studios in Germany with producer Andy Classen. Recording is scheduled to take place from October 17th to November 2nd. The album will include two bonus covers of tracks by BLASPHEMY and SEXTRASH, as well as seven originals.

BEWITCHED have a second guitarist, Hellfire. He was originally hired for the band’s Mexican tour, but is now a full-time member. The band will soon record a new album, Rise Of The Antichrist.

SADISTIK EXEKUTION have begun working on new material.

ANOREXIA NERVOSA‘s new album, New Obscurantis Order, is out on October 29th.

DIMMU BORGIR guitarist Silenoz says that the Metallenium Tour is still a go.

ANCIENT CEREMONY and MYSTERIUM, along with local support bands, kick off the Devilish DECADEnce Tour 2001 on October 31st in Esch-Alzette, LUX. The dates conclude on November 10th in Leipzig.

After a short run with the band, VITAL REMAINS bassist Kelly Conlon (DEATH, MONSTROSITY) has left to pursue other musical interests. Lead guitarist Ron Greene has taken over on bass for the time being.

THORNSPAWN has inked a deal with Osmose. Watch for their next album, Wrath of War, soon.

ZYKLON have enlisted Secthdamon (MYRKSKOG), to handle both vocal and bass duties for the forthcoming tour with MORBID ANGEL.

IMPALED NAZARENE‘s Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace, will be out through Spinefarm on October 1st in Finland. Osmose will release in other territories on November 5th.

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