September 28, 2001

CENTINEX have finished the recording, mixing and mastering of their Candlelight Records debut "Diabolical Desolation". The album includes the following tracks: ‘Demonic Warlust’, ‘Forthcoming Terror’, ‘Spawned To Destroy’, ‘Soulcrusher’, ‘Diabolical Desolation’, ‘On Violent Soil’, ‘Total Misanthropia’, ‘The Bloodline’, ‘A War Symphony’ and ‘Hellfire Twilight’. The expected release months are January for Europe and February for America. CENTINEX will tour in Europe together with EXTREME NOISE TERROR and CADAVER INC between November 17th and December 3d. Dates and places will be announced soon. For all the latest news please check out the website(s): or

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