April 03, 2002

Hammerheart Records just announced the signing of the Swedish band HEARSE. The core of the band consists of Johan Liiva (vocals and bass) and Max Thornell (drums), with the addition of Mattias Ljung (guitars). Johan and Max played together from 1990 up until 1994 in the band FURBOWL (two albums released) and Johan Liiva is furthermore known for the vocals on the first three ARCH ENEMY-albums. A 7" as well as a full-length album will be released before Autumn 2002, of which the latter might include a cover of the Pet Shop Boys’ classic ‘It’s A Sin’.

NINNGHIZHIDDA from Germany have finished the recording and mixing / mastering of their new album "Demigod" for Displeased Records. The release date is May 13th 2002. The first 2000 copies will come as a limited digipak.

"Legend", the new album of Japanese Black Metal heroes TYRANT, is in its final preparation stage before the official release. The new songs are supposed to be somewhat more melodic, without losing the pure evil touch they presented on their debut. The cover artwork comes from Petagno. The release date is May 13th 2002.

INTERNAL SUFFERING from Colombia have finished the recording and mastering of their new opus "Chaotic Matrix" for Displeased Records. Expect some brutal blasting tornado Death / Grind in the vein of Devourment, Suffocation and early Cryptopsy. Release-date: May 25th 2002. With great success INTERNAL SUFFERING supported Cannibal Corpse on a mini tour through Colombia earlier this month. At the moment they are in full preparation of the North American Extermination tour II 2002 with over 20 US dates.

DEFORMITY from Belgium finished recording their second full length, "Superior" at Excess studios, Rotterdam. Mastering will take place at the famous Electric Studios in Brussels. Set to be released on Displeased Records on May 25th 2002. Deformity started out years ago as an H 8000 Hardcore act, soon to transform into a demonic hateful brutal deathcore infested entity, with oppressing extreme music and lyrics. Think high-octane Cannibal Corpse-meets-Morbid Angel in a bloody sacrificial ritual.

The mysterious northern warriors of UNLORD manifest with their latest and last opus "Lord Of beneath". The new album is supposed to be a perfect mix of their fast pacing debut and their somewhat more melodic second album. After this album UNLORD will disappear into obscurity forever. Expect an May 2002 release.

Displeased Records will release a limited vinyl version of the upcoming DESTROYER 666 album, named "Cold Steel… For An Iron Age". With different artwork this LP will be a true collector’s item for sure. Expected late April 2002.

In May 2002 "Smells Like Team Spirit IV" will be available, with new and unreleased tracks a.o. by Vesperian Sorrow, Even Song, Alchemist and Nunslaughter. Cover art will be delivered by Kris Verwimp (of Marduk and Absu fame).

For European territory Displeased Records licensed both latest efforts of PHOBIA and MENTAL HORROR from US based label Deathvomit / Necropolis. PHOBIA hails from California USA, playing their typical crusty variant of Death / Grind, highly inspired by the originators Terrorizer, Nausea (LA) and early Napalm Death. MENTAL HORROR from Brazil are playing some total over-the-edge insane ultra Death Metal, something like Krisiun or Angel Corpse on speed. "Serenity Through Pain" (PHOBIA) and "Proclaiming Vengeance" (with two Europe only bonus tracks, MENTAL HORROR) are both available now.

Recorded at Mother Mary’s Vagina Studios in early July 2001, the new NUNSLAUGHTER album will finally be released on May 25th, 2002 as a limited (500) vinyl edition (of which the first 200 will have white vinyl and a NUNSLAUGHTER badge) and CD, with different cover art.

With the help of Paul Tucker of SATHANAS, From Beyond Productions will release the "Early Years" album of SATHANAS and BATHYM. With overlaping line-ups, both bands stood at the birth of the American Black Metal scene in the late eighties / early ninties, and are hailed in the entire underground scene ever since. The CD will cover the demos and 7" releases of both bands, as well as tons of unreleased, live and rehearsal material. The SATHANAS / BATHYM – "Jaws Of Satan" CD will be released May 25th, 2002.

From the isolated Russian underground scene hails SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS, a Death Metal act in the veins of Cannibal Corpse, Deeds of Flesh and Mortician. To promote the band’s activities, From Beyond Productions will release a limited 7", with two new tracks, in the summer 2002.

REINFECTION from Poland will very shortly record a limited 7" entitled "Good Efficient Butchery" for From Beyond Productions, containing some new material. The release is set for summer 2002.

The professionally recorded and produced debut album "Systematic Terror Decimation" by Indonesian’s ABSOLUTE DEFIANCE (formerly known as VILE), which was previously only locally released on cassette, was finally released on CD. The CD version contains the same tracks plus their promo 2001 tracks as a bonus.

From Beyond Productions has just released the LP version of the discography album of Chilean cult Black / Thrashers PENTAGRAM. The LP includes both legendary late eighties demos as well as 2 live tracks, capturing the essence of this influential band, hailed by the likes of Dave Rotten (Avulsed), Mitch Harris (Napalm Death) and Wannes (Pentacle).

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