April 05, 2002

Florida’s HATE ETERNAL are in the studio, putting the finishing touches on "King Of All Kings", the follow-up to 1999’s "Conquering the Throne". The band (comprised of guitarist / vocalist / mastermind Erik Rutan, bassist Jared Anderson, and drummer Derek Roddy) are recording the new album at Rutan’s own studio, Dimensional Sound Studio in Tampa, Florida. Rutan took time out of his whirlwind recording schedule to put together this exclusive report on the recording of the new album: "So far the recording process has been tremendous. Jared, Derek, and I all got great tones to tape and incredible performances. I feel way better than even I anticipated. I feel this is a great follow up to "Conquering The Throne". It has been a lot of hard work since I am engineering and producing this at my own studio as well as playing all the guitars and singing but the end result will be so gratifying. The sound of this album is much better than the first album with better drum tones and better everything. The material on this album can be described in one word: Evil. Anyone who liked our first effort will love this album as well. It is still Hate Eternal Brutal Death Metal but I feel this album is more diverse while still true to what we are all about. The title "King Of All Kings" is a continuation of "Conquering The Throne" and is a testament to self-will and the desire to achieve greatness. We have and always will have the goal to be one of the best Death metal bands of all time and that is something we do not take lightly. Some people thought Hate Eternal was a one time wonder side project. Quite the contrary! We are a massive force that will not stop recording or touring, for the sake of keeping Death Metal alive and fresh. Jared, Derek, and I are 110% committed to continuing the path we have set forth for ourselves, so surprise, surprise, we’re back and here to stay! Be prepared!" -Erik Rutan / Hate Eternal, March 26, 2002.

Stefan Hanus (guitar) has left FLESHCRAWL. The band is now looking for a new guitar player in Germany. Here’ the official statement from Stefan: "Having been guitar player in Fleshcrawl for more then 10 years I recently decided to retire from music business. Of course, this was a very hard decision for myself. Being guitar player in Fleshcrawl has always been a great experience and we have always had a great time together. However, the reason for my decision is quite simple: In the future I want to have more time for my private life – I also intend to do some longer trips abroad. But of course I will continue being a fan of Death Metal music! As long as my friends in Fleshcrawl will need to find a successor I intend to continue to play guitar on their live shows – just to help them out. Thank you very much to all of you and to the guys in Fleshcrawl for a fuckin’ great decade of Death Metal! – Stefan Hanus." Guitarists that are interested to join FLESHCRAWL should contact the band for further details at Kill@fleshcrawl.de or via snailmail: FLESHCRAWL, Finkenweg 17, 89257 Illertissen, Germany

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