April 08, 2002

The release date for the fifth LUNAR AURORA full length is still uncertain at this point of time. Even though the album is recorded for quite some time it seems that the band’s label Ars Metalli is currently into big financial trouble, so only time will tell whether "Elixir Of Sorrow" will be released through them or any other company in the near future. No matter what, in about 2 – 3 months from now Aran, Whyrhd and Sindar will already start pre-production for their sixth album. Fans of the band should furthermore watch out for two split EP’s that are coming up soon. One will be a 12" and features GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN, PEST, NOCTE OBDUCTA and probably NAGELFAR. The other one might consist of tracks by MIGHTIEST, NAGLFAR, SECRETS OF THE MOON, DIE PEST and SCHWARZE GALLE.

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