April 17, 2002

CENTURIAN‘s "Liber ZarZax" album is available on vinyl now as well through Listenable Records.

ANCIENT RITES will record a live-CD/DVD on the 14th of June in the Biebob-club (B).

BLOOD RED THRONE will enter Dub-studio on the 6th of May to record their 2nd, yet untitled album.

Morfeus recently finished the recordings for the new LIMBONIC ART album. Right now he is busy with the pre-production of the upcoming DIMENSION 3FH album. The album will be mixed in Fredman Studio. It seems there will be some very interesting guest-musicians on this album but nothing is 100% confirmed yet.

DISMEMBER is currently writing new material for their first album on Hammerheart Records. The band plans to enter the studio in summer-time. Besides the band is confirmed for the Graspop Festival.

IMPIOUS will release a MCD titled "Deathsquad" as appetizer for the upcoming full album. Tracklist: ‘The Deathsquad’ (taken from the upcoming album), ‘Extreme Pestilence’ (re-recorded), ‘Trapped Under Ice’ (METALLICA cover), ‘Live Wire’ (MÖTLEY CRÜE cover), ‘Medusa’ (ANTHRAX cover) and ‘Soldiers Of Hell’ (RUNNING WILD cover).

INFERNAL will enter the studio to record a MCD titled "Summon Forth The Beast" in one month from now. The MCD will feature an album track, an exclusive non-album track and the covers ‘Bleed For The Devil’ (MORBID ANGEL) and ‘Of Doom’ (BATHORY). Besides there are plans to record VON’s ‘Devil Pig’ but that’s not 100% confirmed yet. In autumn the band will enter the Dug Out Studio to record the full-length album with producer Daniel Bergstrand. Current INFERNAL line-up consists of Blackmoon (guitars, bass), Typhos (guitars, vocals) and Alzazmon (drums).

The planned NECROPHOBIC tour with ANCIENT RITES and PRIMORDIAL was cancelled. But the band is negotiating with a new agency in Poland for a small Poland-tour with 3-4 shows.

PRIMORDIAL will record a live-show for a live DVD/CD in the Biebob-club on the 14th of June together with labelmates ANCIENT RITES. Last but not least there are plans to re-release the long-time sold out demo on CD.

SATARIEL is currently negotiating with a few managements after the split with Sure Shot Worx. The band is currently working on new material and roughly plans to record the follow-up to "Phobos & Deimos" in November / December.

The release of the new THYRFING album "Vansinnesvisor" has been delayed until the summer. The band is still working on cover and design-ideas. There are some MP-3 teasers from the new album available at: www.thyrfing.com

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