April 19, 2002

The PENTACLE / DESASTER gig in Luzern, Switzerland has been cancelled. Desaster’s vocalist Sataniac has attracted himself a lung-inflammation and is currently staying in a hospital. Because Desaster was the headliner for this gig, Pentacle decided to cancel the gig too. Like drummer Tormentor from Desaster said: "It’s important BOTH bands can absolve the gig. It’s about the package and not about one of the bands." Pentacle feels very sorry for Fabio (organizer) and the club, but felt that this was the best way to act. Both Desaster and Pentacle hope to play the gig on another date.

Sleepless – editor Steven Willems is writing a book about the Dutch act THE GATHERING. Title and release-date are still unconfirmed.

PENTACLE is negotiating with Metal War Productions from the US about releasing a possible 10". This vinyl-only release will feature BLOOD STORM as well. Both bands will use live-recordings for this purpose. Blood Storm will use recordings they made at the Destruction-Fests where they did 2 shows with Destroyer 666, NunSlaughter, Sadistic Intent and more. Probably, an extra cover-tune (recorded live in the studio) will be added as well. Pentacle will dig a bit further in their morbid vaults. The band will use 3 songs from a live-recording made in Mill, Holland, 1993. These recordings were made prior to the recording of the "Winds Of The Fall" demo. Although dated, these recordings are very heavy. The band felt these recordings were the best made ever. As it looks now the following songs will be featured: ‘Buried In Mankind’s Sleep’ (only featured on the "Winds…" demo), ‘Deepness Of The Depths’ (featured on the "Winds…" demo & re-recorded in a new version for the "…Rides…" album") and ‘The Usurper’ (featured on Celtic Frost’s "To Mega Therion" & "Tragic Serenades").

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