August 06, 2002

BLOOD RED THRONE recently finished the recordings for their new album titled "Affiliated With The Suffering". Some of the songtitles are ‘Unleashing Hell’, ‘A Dream Of Death’, ‘Razor Jack’ and ‘Gather The Dead’.

CRUACHAN is looking out for a new full-time bandmember who can play keyboard, violin or flute. Anyone interested get in touch with Keith Fay Furthermore the band started working on material for the follow-up to the very successful "Folk-Lore" album. Some new titles are ‘Michael Collins’, ‘A Thousand Years’, ‘Some Say The Devil Is Dead’. An exclusive boxset with the title "A Celtic Trilogy", including picture disc vinyl of all Cruachan albums, will be released later this year. Last but not least very good news for Cruachan fans in the Benelux. There are plans in the make to do a Benelux mini-tour with Swedish labelmates Thyrfing early December.

HEARSE recorded a 7" single titled "Torch" and the release is set for the 12th of August. Furthermore the band almost completed the recordings for their debut-album titled "Dominion Reptillian".

IMPIOUS is currently working in the studio on their upcoming "The Deathquad" MCD. Their new full-length album "The Killer" will be released on the 9th of September.

MACABRE have been busy writing recipes for the new "Murder Metal" album. Some of the songtitles are ‘Hillside Stranglers’, ‘Dying To Be With You’, ‘Brudos & Acid Bath Murderer’. According to the band the new album is going to be diverse and very sick.

PRIMORDIAL will do a mini-tour with Callenish Circle and Danish labelmates Mercenary at the end of September.

SATARIEL is working on new material for their upcoming album titled "Hydra".

SEPTIC FLESH has just completed the recordings for their upcoming album "Summerian Daemons". Some of the songtitles are ‘Red Code Cult’, ‘Infernal Sun’, ‘Dark River’ and ‘Mechanical Babylon’. The photosession is done with the professional assistance of the notorious Greek special FX duo (The Alahouzos Brothers). According to the band it will be the most intense, twisted and evil images you have ever witnessed…

SEVERE TORTURE will have their official CD-release party for "Misanthropic Carnage" on the 30th of August in the 013 club in Tilburg. Pyaemia will play as support-act that night.

SKYFIRE will play their first gig ever on the Kult-festival in Västeras (Sweden) on August the 24th. Other bands on the festival are Entombed, Big Elf and Skinfected. Aside from that the band has been working on new material. The band is in contact with Mattias Noren (Star One, Evergrey) for the artwork of the new album.

THYRFING finally decided to do some live-shows to promote their new album. A package with Thyrfing and Cruachan to do a mini-tour in the Benelux early December is in the planning stage right now.

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