August 12, 2002

The release date of The new SALEM album "Collective Demise" has been set for September the 15th. All the magazines, redio stations etc. that wish to receive the promo CD, can contact KMG / System Shock at:,

John O’ Fathaigh, the flute, tin-whistle player and brother of band main-man Keith, is no longer a part of CRUACHAN. The move came after a meeting between John and Keith about the bands future, the prospect of more and more shows abroad was something that John could not commit to for personal reasons so both brothers agreed that leaving the band was the best thing to do. John was not "kicked out" of the band, leaving Cruachan was a hard decision for him to make after the years that he has been a member. Although nothing has been clarified, Keith is confident that John will still be involved with the band in the future, maybe as a guest on recordings etc. As of now, Cruachan are looking for a replacement member who can play either flute, violin or keyboard, anyone interested should contact:

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