August 16, 2002

The Russian based trio FOREST STREAM has now finished their debut album "Tears Of Mortal Solitude". It will contain 11 tracks of "some of the most sorrowful and crestfallen Black Metal ever put to tape".

"Tiny Deaths", RAKOTH‘s third album, will soon be finished. The band is presently recording yet more material for inclusion on the album. The present track list is: ‘ Intro’, ‘The Crypt / Planekeep’, ‘Fevered’, ‘Dawn’, ‘Trust This’, ‘Edge’, ‘June 3’, ‘Horizon’, ‘Just Another Lament’, ‘Vicious Life’ and ‘Tiny Deaths’. This might change before the actual release. The band is said to have taken "a more atmospheric approach with this new album, displaying an almost avant-experimental edge to the songs".

Italy’s EPHEL DUATH have completed some live in the studio demos with their brand new line-up in preparation for the actual recording of the forthcoming "Painter’s Palette" album. Elitist Records A&R man Lee Barrett was already quite impressed: "Having heard the CD I can safely say, hand on heart, that I’ve never heard anything like this before in my life! The drums and bass now play schizophrenic jazz beats, seemingly at random, and the guitars and minimal keys collide over the top in a way that is virtually impossible to describe. The best I can do is maybe Naked City meets Emperor on a very dark night…"

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