December 10, 2002

PESSIMIST is currently in the writing stages for the next release and the band is expected to return to the studio this winter to record a 4-song EP, tentatively titled "For Stronger Than Death Is Hate". No shows will be scheduled during this time. Guitarist Kell McLauchlin has just finished recording leads for the new BLACK MASS CD, "Voices Of Fate". The album was recorded and produced by Roger Beaujard, drummer / guitarist for MORTICIAN and MALIGNANCY. Expected release date is February 01, 2003 on Primitive Recordings. For more info check out the BLACK MASS website at

Holland’s PENTACLE have become a fourpiece again. Their newest member is Alex Verhoeven, the younger brother of Mike. After some intense months of rehearsing he had to endure his baptism of fire on a Swiss stage (it was his first gig ever…), did a great job and from now on is a full-time member of the band.

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