December 13, 2002

GOD DETHRONED have finished the recordings for their upcoming album "Into The Lungs Of Hell" at Berno studios in Malmö, Sweden. The album was produced and mixed by Henrik Larsson (who also did the latest AMON AMARTH album) and features eight songs with a total running time of 38 minutes.The songs this time have a more "realistic" view on the world instead of the "stories" the band came up with on the previous albums. There’s liner notes included with all the lyrics in the booklet to point out what the band is talking about. "Sometimes it was just necessary, because for example the song ‘Slaughtering The Faithful’ is dealing with the bio-industry and the way we treat animals. It was pretty shocking to read my own lyrics again just after I wrote it. We decided to explain some things here and there to avoid misunderstandings because people would think we were singing about concentration camps and shit like that", mainman Henri Sattler comments. The tracklisting reads like this: ‘Into The Lungs Of Hell’, ‘The Warcult’, ‘Enemy Of The State’, ‘Soulsweeper’, ‘Slaughtering The Faithful’, ‘Subliminal’, ‘The Tombstone’ and ‘Gods Of Terror’. The first edition of the new album will be limited with a bonus CD, which will contain some live recordings (from GOD DETHRONED’s show in Los Angeles), the two video clips ‘Villa Vampiria’ and ‘Under The Golden Wings Of Death’ and some previously unreleased stuff like a re-recorded version of the song ‘God Dethroned’, a cover version (‘Satan’s Curse’) by Possessed and more.

The first edition of FALLEN YGGDRASIL‘s "In No Sense Innocence" is sold out by now (1.000 copies), but it will be re-released via Supreme Chaos Records early 2003. For further info check out the band’s homepage or Supreme Chaos at:

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