February 15, 2002

CANNIBAL CORPSE is back from Colombia, after show wrap up via Alex Webster. "We just played two shows in Colombia, in Cali and Bogotá. The audience was killer, and the shows went well. We had a crazy in-store at Tower Records in Cali, we nearly got trampled, the kids overran the signing table, we were surrounded, and they were going wild. We loved it; it was a total adrenaline rush. The fans in Colombia are REALLY brutal. George got his shirt torn off by fans while shaking hands after the Bogotá show. Colombia’s Much Music also covered the Bogotá concert. There was around 600 people at the Cali show, and around 1000 in Bogotá."

On Thursday February 7th, Proscriptor from ABSU (Russ R. Givens) was chosen, out of numerous drummers nationwide, to audition for the almighty SLAYER! With only three days notification to rehearse 11 Slayer songs, Proscriptor was asked to be video taped performing these tracks simultaneously with the original Slayer music. The videocassette was delivered to Slayer’s management the next day and then directly sent to Kerry King while on tour in the US. Kerry then asked Proscriptor to audition with him the day of the concert and to select 4 out of the 11 songs of his choice, which were ‘Post Mortem’, ‘Raining Blood’, ‘Disciple’ and ‘Hell Awaits’. The audition was an immense success and now he waits for the final conclusion. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled due to relative emergencies between both Tom Araya and Jeff Hanneman. We shall see in due time. "

GOD DETHRONED is currently writing songs for the new album. The working title is "The Universal Slavedriver". The new drummer works out very well. We’re doing some headlining shows in Holland on festivals etc. One of the highlights this year will be a show in the world famous Milkyway Club in Amsterdam. We will perform together with a VJ. This guy also did our videos. The show will contain all kinds of footage of these videos, but also lots of new stuff. All the images shown say something about the songs we’re playing. Further we will have TV screens built up like Satan’s Crosses and also a freak show during the show. Hopefully we can shoot all this and release it as an official home video." – Henri Sattler (guitars / vocals)

ANCIENT RITES is confirmed for the Eurorock Festival this summer.

BLOOD RED THRONE crime just finished the recordings for the bonustracks of the upcoming "Affiliated With The Suffering" mini-CD. This mini-CD will feature three songs from the unreleased "Deathmix 2000" promo, one regular album-song, one unreleased track from the "Nordic Metal II" – compilation and last but not least a cover-song of MASSACRE’s classic ‘Cryptic Realms’. Release of the mini-CD is scheduled for early May. Furthermore the band is writing new material for their second album on Hammerheart Records. Recordings for the new album are scheduled to start in May. Latest news is that Blood Red Throne recruited a new drummer in the person of Espen "Beist" Antonsen. www.get.to/bloodredthrone

DEMONS OF DIRT is currently rehearsing for upcoming live-shows. The "lost" information from the Killer Engine-booklet will soon be updated on the website. www.demonsofdirt.net

The recordings for the DIMENSION F3H album are a little bit delayed because of preparations for the new Limbonic Art-album. Morfeus is planning to a have big choir of 38 people (the oldest person in the choir being 90 years old!) and the female vocalist of Trail of Tears as guests on the album. Recordings are scheduled to be finished at the end of March. www.dimensionf3h.com

DISMEMBER is planning to record their long-awaited new opus in April / May in Das Boot-studio. Furthermore there are strong rumours that Dismember will play the Waldrock Festival in Holland this summer with a "Best of Dismember" live-set.

IMPIOUS are currently busy rehearsing material for their upcoming album. The band will enter Studio Mega on the 22nd of March with producer Chris Silver. Working-title of the album is "The Killer" and some of the song-titles are ‘Dead Eyes Open’, ‘Stabbed 69 Times’, ‘Sick Sex Six’, ‘Digital Devil’, ‘Deathsquad’ and ‘The Hitman’. Interested in downloading some pre-production soundclips? Then check out the website. www.come.to/impious

MACABRE are preparing to enter the studio, once again with Neil Kernon (a.o. Cannibal Corpse, Queensryche, Nevermore) to record the long-awaited new "Murder Metal"-album, which will be a continuation of "Sinister Slaughter". www.murdermetal.com or www.mindmelt.com/macabre

NECROPHOBIC will play the Wacken Open Air and the Party San Open Air-festivals in Germany. The new album "Bloodhymns" will be out at the end of March. For more live-dates check out our tourdates section. www.necrophobic.net

MONSTROSITY have been touring a lot lately to promote their latest release "Enslaving The Masses". The band will soon enter the Morrisound Studios to record the follow-up to their highly acclaimed "Dark Purity"-album. Furthermore there are plans in the making to tour Europe in September (40-50 shows) to promote their upcoming album. www.conquestmusic.com

The recordings for the new PRIMORDIAL album are finished. More epic and mighty than ever but still in the typical Primordial-vein. The album was recorded at Academy Studios in the UK with producer Mags (a.o. My Dying Bride). Expect a release halfway June. Furthermore the band is confirmed for the Wacken Open Air-festival in Germany. www.hammerheart.com/primordial

SEVERE TORTURE is currently busy recording the follow-up to their very succesful debut-album "Feasting On Blood". The new crusher will be titled "Misanthropic Carnage" and the recordings take place again in Franky’s Recording Kitchen with Robbie Woning (Dead Head). According to the band the new material will be even faster and more brutal than the previous album. Release planned for late August. Furthermore Severe Torture will support Cannibal Corpse on their upcoming European tour in September. Latest news is that the band is planning a 4 week tour in the USA / Canada with Deeds of Flesh. For tourdates check out our tourdates section. www.severetorture.com

SKYFIRE will enter the Abyss Studio in the summer to record their 2nd longplayer with Tommy Tägtren. Unfortunately the planned Benelux mini-tour with Callenish Circle was cancelled due to problems with the booking-agency. listen.to/skyfire

SINISTER found a replacement for leaving member Bart in the person of Pascal (also God Dethroned stand-in and member of Cantara). Pascal will join Sinister on their upcoming live-shows to promote their latest output "Creative Killings". http://sinister.wingsofdeath.nu

THYRFING recently finished the recordings for their 4th attack titled "Vansinnesvisor". The album was recorded at Dug Out Studio with producer Daniel Bergstrand (a.o. Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah). The release is scheduled for early May. www.thyrfing.com

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