February 17, 2002

Here’s an official press statement / update from SIRIUS: "Okay folks, it’s cleaning time! For quite a while, some months actually, people have been expecting me to react to the latest happenings and mishappenings in the core of SIRIUS. I hereby apologize to the fans and supporters for the delay in such update. Let it be known, that only in the best interest of SIRIUS did I decide to hold all band-related information from public opinion since October 2001. In a lamentable occurrence, wrong information about SIRIUS has been widely spread. Several news and quotes were presented as being official from the band, well they’re not. Once and for all, those words were not an official band statement, and do not represent my position. Keep in mind what Chuck Schuldiner once said: "Support music, not rumours." As many of you might know by now, I have inked a deal for SIRIUS with Nuclear Blast Records, and both parts look forward for a great co-operation in years to follow. I feel this is an important step for the development of SIRIUS. Also inside the band, substantial changes have occurred. In the year that celebrates 5 years of full activity with SIRIUS, I take the chance to welcome "extraordinaire" new members Ca-2 (ex-Red Harvest) as new drummer, Konstrukt (ex-Myrkskog) on bass and vocals, LRZ (also in Red Harvest) Sampling & Electronix and D-Void as new lead guitarist. Expect nothing but top-notch performance from the best group of musicians I’ve worked with. On a short last note, I am currently assembling the new SIRIUS material that is tentatively set for release in the second-half of 2002. As of now the only thing I’ll state is that it’ll be a great leap into the future. Keep an open mind! The band’s website should also be back online soon, fully redesigned. Be sure to check www.neverland.nu/sirius once in a while. See you there… [Nexion]. Draconiis, mastermind of Sirius"

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