January 10, 2002

PROFANITY (www.profanity.de) will play on the coming CRYPTOPSY (www.cryptopsy.net) European tour together with HAEMORRHAGE (www.come.to/haemorrhage) and SPAWN (www.spawn666.de). This tour starts on April 12, 2002, lasts until May 05, 2002 and will include the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. For booking, all kinds of questions concerning this tour please contact Falko at Bruchstein Records (phone: 0049 (0)3421/ 77 38 16, fax: 0049 (0)3421/ 77 38 15, E-mail: bruchstein@web.de, Homepage: www.bruchstein-records.de

IMPALED NAZARENE will record a brand new 7" ep titled "To Fuck Off And To Die", probably by the end of February. The band will have a couple of shows coming up in Russia, Italy and Portugal, please visit www.impnaz.com for further details. A high quality video clip of IMPALED NAZARENE’s ‘Hardboiled And Still Hellbound’ is downloadable from www.sfperkele.net/vkvideo.html

As Hellblaster was not able to play with ARKHON INFAUSTUS on the MORTICIAN European tour, J. Read from Canadas CONQUEROR fills in as the tour session drummer. OBLIGATORISK TORTYR await the return of drummer Fredrik, who’s been living in England for a while. About half of the material for the next record is written. The new material so far is more twisted than on the debut, but of course still full speed ahead and maximum hate! News will be posted on come.to/obligatorisk_tortyr

DIVINE DECAY will return into the studio this month. Their new songs are said to be faster and more brutal than before, but still got enough hooks and melodies. The album will be entitled "Maximizing The Misery". All further info at: www.geocities.com/divinedecay/

ABOMINATOR would like to announce that they have successfully recruited two new members and are now operating as a four piece again. After a successful return to live performances, Volcano and A. Undertaker both agreed that it is definitely their most intense line-up to date and are looking forward to desecrating many more venues around Australia over the next few months.

THORNSPAWN are writing new material for their next release "Wrath Of War" which is supposed to be their most brutal and horrid material yet. They’ll start the recording in late February.

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