January 14, 2002

Longtime SINISTER-member Bart van Wallenberg has decided to quit Sinister because of personal reasons. Therefore the band is urgently looking out for a new guitarist that can play with the band on their upcoming single shows and on their upcoming European Tour to promote their most recent album "Creative Killings", out on Hammerheart Records. The new guitarist needs to be technically well skilled and besides be able to guarantee a full commitment to the band. Interested??? Then send an e-mail to Alex Paul: paul@mtb.eur.nl

SINS OF OMISSION‘s new album, "Flesh On Your Bones", is available in Japan with an exclusive bonus track, a cover of JUDAS PRIEST’s ‘The Sentinel’.

CENTINEX‘s Candlelight debut, "Diabolical Desolation", is set for release on March 19th. The band are planning touring activities for March through late spring, with eyes set to tour the US.

DECAPITATED‘s new album, "Nihility", is out on February 25th. The tracklisting: ‘Perfect Dehumanisation (The Answer?)’, ‘Eternity Too Short’, ‘Mother War’, ‘Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)’, ‘Names’, ‘Spheres Of Madness’, ‘Babylon’s Pride’ and ‘Symmetry Of Zero’.

Conquer Records are organising a tour featuring YATTERING, DEVILYN, HELL-BORN, IMMENORIAL and MESS AGE. Dates begin on March 7th.

HELL-BORN are nearly finished writing new material for an album to be released this summer.

NONEXIST, featuring Johan Liiva (ex-ARCH ENEMY) release their debut album, "Deus Deceptor", in February in Japan, March in Europe and April in the US. The album was produced by Tommy Tägtgren and Johan Reinholdz at Abyss Studios in Sweden.

EXCOMMUNION will record their cover of ‘God Of Emptiness’ for the MORBID ANGEL tribute album to be released this spring through Sweden’s Hellspawn Records. Other bands on the release will include EMPEROR, BEHEMOTH, KRISIUN, ANGEL CORPSE, VADER and a number of other bands.

EVIL INCARNATE are back from a successful tour of Mexico with KRABATHOR and MASOCHISM. The band are currently nearing completion of their next album, "Waiting For His Return", to be released on Morbid Records. Recording will begin in the next few months. The band are also mulling over offers to tour Europe, possibly with INCANTATION. In related news, the second annual End Of Days Festival is in the works.

IMMORTAL‘s forthcoming "Sons Of Northern Darkness" album will be issued in a limited steel box. Fans have to unscrew the bolts on the lid to get at the CD.

GOD DETHRONED will record their next album this summer. They have already completed one song and Henri, Beeft and Jens are composing more. The band have plans to tour the U.S. before summer.

Australia’s VIRGIN BLACK‘s new album, "Sombre Romantic", is out through The End on February 12th.

SCHOLOMANCE‘s new album, "The Immortality Murder", is out now.

The End Records have signed Norway’s WINDS. Their new album, which is already recorded and entitled "Reflections Of The I", will be released April 9th.

AGALLOCH are heading back to the studio to finish their new album, "The Mantle". A release is planned for sometime this spring.

MISTELTEIN are back in the rehearsal room writing new material. Bassist Karagat has left the band and they are looking for a replacement. Meanwhile, the band are planning some dates for Scandinavia. Dates will be announced as they are confirmed.

MÖRK GRYNING‘s upcoming tour will cross most European countries in March beginning in Belgium. Other bands on the tour include AETERNUS, AGATHODAIMON and HECATE ENTHRONED. The band has also started to write new material and work will continue after the tour.

DIMMU BORGIR‘s upcoming U.S. tour kicks off on February 19th at the Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The dates run through March 19th at Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado. A Toronto stop is planned for the Palais Royale on February 28th. Also on the bill are CRYPTOPSY, KRISIUN and DIABOLIC.

The Holy Hell Crusade 2002 / Heads Will Roll tour featuring LORD BELIAL, DYING FETUS, NOMINON, INSISION and AEON has been canceled for the moment, but new dates are to be booked soon.

EMPEROR have been nominated for a Norwegian Grammy for "Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire & Demise". The band will appear on the upcoming Candlelight Collection, "Volume 5" set for release in the U.S. on February 19th. The collection will contain both a track from "Prometheus" as well as a CDRom inclusion of the band’s final promotional video, ‘Empty’.

MYRKSKOG are preparing to begin production on their second album for Candlelight. The band are expected to enter a studio in Norway in early March for the recording. Also, the band’s debut, "Death Machine", is now available in the US.

NECRONOMICON are rereleasing their "Pharoah Of Gods" album. The album now comes with a completely new design.

DEEDS OF FLESH are rereleasing their "Inbreeding The Anthropophagi" album. Licensed from Repulse, the album has been remixed, mastered and comes with a completely new design.

Candlelight USA has obtained the rights to release INIQUITY‘s "Grime" and SOLAR DAWN‘s "Equinoctium" for the American territories. Both album’s are planned for release on March 19th.

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