July 01, 2002

DIVINE RAPTURE‘s forthcoming full-length record will be entitled "The Burning Passion" and the complete track listing includes: ‘The Kindling’, ‘Black Moon Harvest’, ‘My Demon, Your Dove’, ‘Spirit Storm Serenade’, ‘The Deifying, The Sorrow, The Awakening’, ‘Funeral Mist’, ‘Affliction’, ‘No Future, No Past’. ‘Severed’, ‘Your Time Will Come’, ‘The Smothering’. The band recently finished shooting a music video for the song ‘Spirit Storm Serenade’ off of "The Burning Passion". The video was directed by renowned photographer Aaron Cobbett and shot at Headquarters Studios in NYC. Editing for the video will begin soon and will be performed and supervised by Divine Rapture. The video plot is guaranteed to be brutal and pain-driven and contains an underlying symbolic message related to the band’s theme. Behind-the-scenes photos have been posted on www.divinerapture.net These are a few of the projects in the Divine Rapture release schedule: split CD with Hatred out on Under the Baphomet Records (available now), split CD with Craniotomy out on Immortal Souls Productions (release: TBA), "Tribute to Morbid Angel" out on Hellspawn Records. Divine Rapture performs ‘World Of Shit (The Promised Land)’ alongside Zyklon, Vader, Krisiun, DIABOLIC, CENTURIAN, Angel Corpse, etc. (release: TBA) and "Tribute to Death" out on Mondongo Canibale Distribution. Divine Rapture performs ‘Pull The Plug’ (release: Fall / Winter 2002). All further info: www.divinerapture.net

Swedish hi-octane Thrashers CORPORATION 187 have revealed plans for the recording of their second album for Wicked World. The band will commence recording in Studio Underground at the end of July, before relocating to Studio Helltower (used on the band’s previous "Subliminal Fear" effort) in mid-August. The resulting album will be mixed by Peter Tagtgren at the infamous Abyss Studios. The record will feature new members Filip Carlsson (also of Satanic Slaughter) and Viktor Klint on vocals and bass respectively. The album is scheduled for an end of year release to coincide with a number of live shows Corporation 187 have planned.

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