July 10, 2002

Norwegian Black Metallers PERISHED have been signed by Displeased Records. The band is well respected throughout the scene because of their astonishing debut album "Kark" and the follow up mini "Grim". PERISHED plays a sublime mix of raging fast Black Metal and well-measured melodic interludes, yet keeping all highly fueled and aggressive. The new album will be recorded shortly, to be released in late 2002.

Displeased Records will officially re-issue NINNGHIZHIDDA‘s debut album "Blasphemy" and the first INTERNAL SUFFERING full length "Supreme Knowledge Domain" (originally on Qabalah / Repulse Records) with remastered / improved sound and new artwork in late 2002. Both releases will have bonus tracks.

Talking of INTERNAL SUFFERING. On a mini tour through Colombia last February the band supported Cannibal Corpse with great success and most recently finished the highly successful North American Extermination tour II 2002 (May / June). Among 20+ other US gigs they played at the Ohio Deathfest where they were voted second best band of the evening (3rd best band of the whole festival!). In September INTERNAL SUFFERING will again hit the US roads with the ‘Chaos Over America’ tour 2002, along with the likes of GORGASM, CATTLE DECAPITATION and SUTURE.

Dutch Doomsters OFFICIUM TRISTE have just been added to the bill of the promising German two-day Doom Metal festival ‘Doom Shall Rise’ which will take place February 2nd and 3rd 2003. More info at www.doomshallrise.tk

From Beyond Productions will release a tribute to NECROVORE in late 2002. Four cult extreme elite acts will gather on this hellish black 10" to pay homage to the true originators of US blackened occult Thrash.

This summer From Beyond will furthermore release a vinyl only MYSTIFIER LP entitled "Tormenting The Holy Trinity". It will capture the band’s very first demo (from 1989) plus the first 7" recordings (from 1990) (both with lots of never before released tracks), as well as some 1990 live tracks.

In late 2002 the first full length of GORETRADE is about to see the light of day via From Beyond. Containing members of the INTERNAL SUFFERING clan, GORETRADE is supposed to be "even more grinding and severe…"

Also in late 2002 two limited 7" EP’s by SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS (a brutal Death Metal act from Russia in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, Deeds of Flesh and Mortician) and Poland’s REINFECTION ("Good Efficient Butchery") will be released through the Dutch label. For all further info on Displeased Records or From Beyond Productions check out the label’s website: www.displeasedrecords.nl

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