July 11, 2002

After selling out of their mini CD, Red Stream (in cooperation with Baphomet) has re-released the first BLOOD STAINED DUSK full length. The band is currently on tour with Malevolent Creation.

GORELORD and WURDULAK have begun filming scenes for their split DVD, to be released later this year, or early next, on Red Stream. Meanwhile, the "Creature Feature Part 2" mini CD will be released in July featuring five new tracks from these two bands.

XASTHUR is an upcoming crude act on Blood Fire Death (manufactured by Red Stream). The band has created an album in the veins of Manes, Abyssic Hate and Burzum. It shall be called "Nocturnal Poisoning" and will be released in the next few summer weeks.

RAVENOUS has started recording a mini CD, the follow up to their debut, which will be entitled "Apocalyptic Paranoia".

SKEPTICISM will have their debut CD, "Stormcrowfleet" finally reissued this summer. The CD will undergo a redesign and re-mastering before its release.

NECROPHAGIA will unleash their cult-classic "Season Of The Dead" on picture LP with a Jenna Jameson photo this month.

BROWN EYE and SATAN’S BAKE SALE have finished recording tracks for a split EP on Baphomet Records. BROWN EYE includes Mayhem and Necrophagia members. One of their punk-influenced songs is about the famous Black Metal murder of the nineties. SATAN’S BAKE SALE’s material is supposed to sound like old moshcore mixed with whirlwind grind and a heavy emphasis on humor.

KULT OV AZAZEL have added guitarist Nocturath to their line-up. The band is working on the material for their next studio album, "Occulus Infernum".

SATYRICON‘s forthcoming full-length, "Volcano", will probably be handled by Sanctuary in North America. Moonfog is releasing the record in Europe on September 2nd.

SIX FEET UNDER, HATEBREED and SHADOWS FALL are on the road in the US from September 10th in New Orleans, LA at the Nile Theatre until the 27th in Providence, RI at Lupo’s.

On July 27th, INCANTATION, IMPALED DECAPITATED and FALL TO DEAD will embark on a three week assault on America dubbed The Summer Of Blasphemy tour. INCANTATION will then head to Europe in August to play a few festival and club dates in Germany and Austria.

The VADER, KRISIUN, DECAPITATED and PREJUDICE tour across Europe begins on August 30 in Belfast, Ireland and runs through October 13th in the Netherlands.

The title of MYRKSKOG‘s sophomore effort is "Superior Murder" and it is due on September 17th through Candlelight Records. The band joins NILE, SINISTER, NO RETURN and EKTOMORF for a European tour beginning on October 8th in Paris, France and end on October 29th in Hamburg, Germany.

KRISIUN will finish their Brazilian tour and head to Europe before finishing the writing to their forthcoming studio effort. According to the band’s website, "it’s gonna be a deadly true Death Metal album which will try to capture the real aggressive, innovative and brutal essence of our music".

DRAGONLORD will be performing the following European dates in August: 2nd – Wacken, GER at Wacken Open Air, 3rd – Belgium’s Eurorock Fest and 4th – Pratteln, Switzerland at Z7 Metal Days.

QUO VADIS are getting ready to enter Pierre Remillard’s studio to produce the follow-up to "Day Into Night" called "From Sequence To Consequence".

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