July 18, 2002

PROFANITY are no longer signed by Cudgel Agency. The band just decided to split on friendly terms from the label. To back this up they issued the following little statement in their latest press release: "We thank Jens and Besen for their support and wish them the best for their label and all future activities." PROFANITY are currently writing material for their next album which is supposed to be entitled "HateRed Hell Within". You can still check out a bunch of MP3’s (a.o. covers of POSSESSED and TERRORIZER!) on their website www.profanity.de

After two years of silence Holland’s FADELESS RECORDS is back in business again. Their first release will be the "Overthrow" CD from MISERY INDEX. MISERY INDEX is the musical project of three former Dying Fetus members. Death Grind from a very high level. The release date is set for September 2, 2002 (Europe only). Fadeless Records will furthermore re-issue the first two VOMITORY albums, "Raped In Their Own Blood" and "Redemption", including some rare bonus tracks, as well as the band’s ten year anniversary picture LP on CD format. Fadeless Records, P.O. Box 6818, 5975 ZG Sevenum, The Netherlands, Fax: +31 (0)77-4674524, E-mail: info@fadelessrecords.com, Homepage: www.fadelessrecords.com (online soon)

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