July 19, 2002

On August 26, UNMOORED will enter the Abyss studios to record their third album (first for Code666), with producer Tommy Tägtgren. The album will go under the name of "Indefinite Soul-Extension" and its full, now completed, track listing reads as follows (in no particular order): "Cinders Veil", "Phase Of Revulsion", "Commit To The Fire", "Leave-Taking", "Final State Part III (Posthumous Writings)", "Spit Forth From Failure", "Morndraper" and "Unspeakable Grief". Expect a late winter release. www.unmoored.com

NEGURA BUNGET are in Magic Sound Studio (Bucharest) right now to record their third album (first on code666 and first to be professionally distributed outside Romania) titled "N’Crangul Brabului". The CD will be released in October 2002 in a very special, never-seen-before hand-made CD-Box, with a state-of-the-art multimedia track. The band’s brand new official website will soon be launched at www.negurabunget.com

MANES just ended the pre-production of their new album titled "Vilosophe", and will soon enter the Studio to record it properly. In the meantime you’ll hear a work in progress demo track titled "Redeemer" on the upcoming code666 compilation "Better Undead Than Alive". The band decided to evolve a lot, changing sound and exploring new boundaries.

AGHORA‘s Mainman Santiago Dobles is recording right now the new album titled "Formless" with the new line-up including new Drummer Richard Komatz and new bass player Alan Goldstein (replacing Sean Reinert and Sean Malone), plus sister-vocalist Danishta Rivero of course. The new album is expected this autumn on code666. Official site www.aghora.org.

code666 will license the new ABORYM album "With No Human Intervention" to WWIII records for the US-Market (and not to Necropolis as previously stated). Meanwhile Attila Csihar and Sethlans are actually in Birmingham as special-guests for the upcoming Anaal Nathrakh EP, and Attila Csihar will be also special-guest on the new Carpathian Forest album, recordings scheduled for October in Norway.

After three years since its original release, ABORYM‘s debut album "Kali Yuga Bizarre" will be printed in America by WWIII. The same label is already licensing their second masterpiece "Fire Walk With Us". The "Kali Yuga Bizarre" reissue will become reality in a month.

"Criteria Ov 666" by VOID OF SILENCE and "The Dark Blood Rising" by DIABOLICUM will be soon re-printed (for the US-market only) by WWIII Records.

Cd-Maximum Ltd. will publish the Russian Version of "New Era Viral Order" by THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE and "Inhabitants Of Dis" by BLOODSHED, distributing and promotion our bands in the whole ex-USSR.

ABORTUS last album, "Process Of Elimination", will soon be re-released in the US on license.

After it has already been available on CD-R format from the band directly, THANATOS‘ new MCD "Beyond Terror" will finally see a proper release in October on Baphomet Records (USA), featuring 4 new original tracks, 2 cover versions of classic POSSESSED and CELTIC FROST songs plus a video clip. www.thanatos.info

Jane Schuldiner, mother of later Death / Control Denied mastermind Chuck Schuldiner, has published a homevideo, that passes her son’s life in revue. Jane Schuldiner’s press release lets us know: "The video, very professionaly made, was shown on Chuck’s commemoration on January 4th. It’s a marvellous testament I’d love to share with all of you. The video costs 25 dollar (incl. forwarding costs) and is to be ordered per money order at following address: Jane Schuldiner, 613 East Citrus Street, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701, USA. I’ll be able to pay some of Chuck’s open accounts with the money."

Nord-Pol-Events gives a Charity Concert Party with DIE PATEN on Saturday the 31th of August at the venue "Wehrschloss" (Bremen / North Germany) to support Jane Schuldiner. The opener will be ANTAGONIST from Bremen. DIE PATEN on Saturday the 31th of August at the venue "Wehrschloss" (Bremen / North Germany) to support Jane Schuldiner. The opener will be ANTAGONIST from Bremen. Marco Schulz (mszim@t-online.de) founded the projekt DIE PATEN as a support for Jane Schuldiner: "I had the idea in November 2001 to organize a charity gig for Chuck Schuldiner. I had the pleasure to meet Chuck in 1995 during the "Full Of Hate" Tour featuring Death, Unleashed, Gorefest Grave, and Hate Squad. Besides I’ve already spent a lot of evenings listening to Chuck’s brilliant musical effusions with my mates. The least I want to do is to help out financially his mother and family, who are deepply indepted because of numerous credits for Chuck’s operations. Alas, Chuck departed this life on December 13h 2001. It has confirmed my intention to set a line up on foot featuring more or less renowned musicians I know from my time at Hate Squad and Richthofen, playing live numerous Death Metal coversongs. The gig is planned to take place at the "Wehrschloß" in Bremen, Germany. Should this event have any positive effect, future gigs will be held." The musicians who are part of the project are: vocals: Felix (ex-Crematory, Abnorm), Jagger (disbelief), Michael (Century, ex-shit for brains), guitar: Matze (ex-Crematory, ex-shit for brains), Joe (disbelief), drums: Elmar (execution), bass: Marco (ex-Hate squad, ex-Richthofen). Songs by Fear Factory, Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Machine Head, Slayer, Hypocrisy, Obituary, Pro Pain and DEATH will be covered.

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