July 24, 2002

Here’s an official press statement from ABSU, concerning the departure of Equitant: "On behalf of ABSU and myself, we are unfortunate to announce the departure of co-founder / guitarist / bassist / songwriter Equitant Ifernain from the band. Due to several confounding circumstances, Equitant has decided to pursue other musical enterprises, as well as continue his ongoing solo projects. Equitant salutes all his supporters and devotees of mythological occult metal over the past decade. He assures you that he is not retiring, yet merely exploring vaster abysses. We are seeking a permanent bassist / vocalist replacement as soon as possible. Appearance, as well as intellect power, is a MUST and drug fiends are welcome. If you don’t know us, then we surely don’t know you. If interested, please contact absumanager@hotmail.com or send demonstration efforts to: P.O. Box 743307, Dallas, Texas 75374-3307, USA. Thank you for your time, Proscriptor."

After two months of practising and one performed concert the DEMENTOR line up has been stabilised very well. The band feels very strong with the new drummer and decided to continue as three piece band. René Blahusiak: "It is better for us, not just because we do not want the name of DEMENTOR to be spoiled by persons like our previous drummer (PEST IN PAIN). It is also another challenge for us to improve our activities. Moreover Rasto Petrovic is our best drummer ever. It was confirmed by many people outside of the band. Currently we do not appear on stages too often. We use the time for preparation of our new album. We wasted a lot of time on this field due to two changes of drummers. It is possible that we will enter the studio during the winter." Visit a higher form of blasphemy at: www.dementor.sk

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