July 27, 2002

Roger Sundquist has decided to leave THRONEAEON to focus on his family and soon to be born first child. He will still stick around and help the rest of the band to create and record the next CD as well as perform on any upcoming shows. Interested drummers that feel they have what it takes should get in touch right away to book an audition. Joining THRONEAEON requires a 100% commitment with rehearsing, recording albums and touring, as well as the usual rock’n’roll life including (but not limited to) partying, beerdrinking and hellraising. If you’ve got the balls don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to the following address info@throneaeon.com. Check out www.throneaeon.com to hear Roger’s own words about his departure… This will be online during next week. In related news THRONEAEON are still in contact with a few labels. They have narrowed it down to the most interesting parties and a signing is supposed to be "just around the corner…". Four different studios are being considered and as soon as all the paperwork is settled the band will have an official decision. A lot of people have requested to hear the band’s old material, that’s why you’ll be able now to listen to ‘Carnage Of The Christian’ (taken from their "Carnage" demotape from 1996-1997) here: www.mp3.com/throneaeon THRONEAEON are currently in contact with several organizers about various tours to come. Tours are planned for separate countries as Finland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Russia. There’s also a major European tour planned for next year. And last, but not least the band’s logo is gonna be changed shortly as the guys are aiming for something "cleaner".

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