June 10, 2002

Earache Records will re-release AT THE GATES‘ milestone "Slaughter Of The Soul" this summer. The reissue features 6 bonus tracks, new artwork, and new liner notes by At The Gates frontman Tomas Lindberg. The bonus tracks are: ‘Legion’ (Slaughterlord cover), ‘The Dying’ (from the oringial album sessions), ‘Unto Others’ (demo version), ‘Nausea’ (demo version), ‘Captor Of Sin’ (Slayer cover) and ‘Blister Verklighet’ (No Security cover, never released).

Here’s some news on the new BEZERKER album "Dissimulate", from the band directly: "For the past few months we have been confined in our studio in Melbourne, Australia to record our new album, "Dissimulate". These new works are definitely a natural progression from our debut album "The Berzerker". We have recorded 13 new tracks and our own intrepretation of Carcass’ ‘Corporal Jigsaw Quandary’. The production of "Dissimulate" sees a bigger sounding album, more powerful than our debut, "The Berzerker". The new material is much more varied. We have included many different variations of grind beats as well as more diverse vocal styles and rhythms, while retaining the low / high vocal trade off and machine gun vocals from the first album. One huge change for us from the first album is the fact that we have live drums! Our drummer did an amazing job of laying down the new tracks at the most incredible speeds. The kick and snare are still triggered with sounds similar to the first album, but with all the live feel that a real drummer can bring us. We have raised the bar with regard to the speeds previously used in music with this album. The world speed drumming record could well have been shattered… you will be astounded! We are all very happy with the new material as it complements our debut, "The Berzeker", so well. Lyrically, the band continues to show our disgust at humanity and the world. For fans of "The Berzerker", all the speed and brutality remains as strong as ever with the song writing taking on more of a group effort. We’re looking forward to getting back out on the road and touring across the globe. We have had the chance to play most of our new material to our Australian fans and the wait is almost over for the rest of the world. We look forward to seeing you all on the road. You have been warned…" www.theberzerker.com

DECEMBER has finished work on their first video, for the track ‘Host’ (off their Earache debut, "The Lament Configuration). The video was shot in and around December’s desert-like hometown of Reno, Nevada. www.december1.com

December WOLVES’ XXX video, "Porn Again Christian", is now available online in various formats at: www.earache.com/info/agreement.html Directed by Hollywood’s #1 rock n’ roll porno tycoon, Matt Zane, this is the video England’s Kerrang Magazine calls "The sickest video ever"!!! See for yourself! www.dehumanizetheworld.com, www.mattzane.com, www.zanevideo.com

Check the new issue of Revolver Magazine (July / Aug 02) for an exclusive interview with HATE ETERNAL, conducted by the High Priestess of Loud Rock, Amy Sciaretto. Catch HATE ETERNAL this summer on tour with Nile, Arch Enemy, and Origin, and look for HATE ETERNAL’s new album, "King Of All Kings", out on Earache this fall. www.hateeternal.com

Earache Records has signed the progressive Black / Death metal band LUNARIS. Hailing from Norway, Lunaris features members of Borknagar, Satyricon, 1349, and Spiral Architect. This is no "super group" or "side project" band though. Lunaris are a full-fledged, fully working band with the ambition and dedication it takes to become a genuine force in the metal scene. The band has already completed the work on their debut album, "The Infinite", and Earache plans to release the album in August. Lunaris recorded "The Infinite" with drummer Asgeir Mickelson (Spiral Architect & Borknagar), guitarists Azarak (Spiral Architect & Satyricon) and M (backing vocals), bassist and vocalist Maztema (Spiral Architect), vocalist Balfori (ex-1349) and keyboardist Ray. However, Mickelson is now out of the band and Lunaris replaced him with Janos Di Croce. An advance track from "The Infinite" entitled ‘Of The One’ can be found here: www.elitistrecords.co.uk/lunaris2.mp3

Chuck Schuldiner’s mom, Jane Schuldiner, kindly supplied us with the following news concerning the rumors about a possible "early demo collection" CD by DEATH: "I know people out have Chuck’s demos and are trading / selling them and I think if they do, then why not us? We have not yet because at one time Chuck had said to his sister that he did not want them released. At this point we have to rethink that position because of the medical costs that are astronomical, and the legal costs of fighting a record label in court for Chuck’s rights. It seems that certain people have owed a great deal of money to Chuck and have not paid, and now because he is no longer here are not planning to pay the debt owed to him. As a matter of fact, it was said that maybe he would die and they would not have to pay him. He was very hurt when he heard that and so were we, his family. So we will gladly fight for him, as we promised Chuck we would do. So I guess the answer is that we are still thinking about it. I know a lot of fans want us to, and the fans wishes were always important to Chuck, and now to us. We will reach a decision soon and let everybody know."

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