June 18, 2002

GRAVE will now release their new album, "Back From The Grave", in September. Originally due in June, the release has been moved forward due to the band’s European tour, which ended on June 2nd. The album wasn’t finished before the start of the tour. Nine songs have been recorded and mixing / mastering will take place at the end of June.

After seven years HYPNOSIA have disbanded. The members wish to thank all those that supported them over the years.

THE KOVENANT are going into the studio on the 20th of June. You can also check it out at www.woodhouse.de since they are going to put up webcameras in the studio. They are also putting together a DVD / VHS, with tour & studio stuff, shows, videos etc, which is supposed to be out by the beginning of next year. A remix album is also in the making.

ANCIENT RITES plan to record their June 14th show in Beibob, Belgium for a live CD / double LP / DVD and VHS.

DEICIDE, BEHEMOTH, DESTROYER 666, DIABOLIC, ANTAEUS, and CENTINEX will tour Europe together in November. The confirmed dates are: 9th – Exil in Trier, Germany, 10th – Beibob in Voxxelaar, Belgium, 11th – Zeche Carl in Essen, Germany, 12th – La Locomotive in Paris, France and 13th – After Club in Amneville, France.

INCANTATION‘s new album, "Blasphemy", will be out in Europe on June 17th through Candlelight, in North America on June 18th through Necropolis and on July 10th in Brazil through Moria Records. The band’s 2002 / 2003 Blasphemous World Assault tour will take in Europe, North America and South America.

Australia’s ASTRIAAL will enter Sunshine Studios on June 17th to record their new album, tentatively titled "Renascent Misanthropy". The album will be engineered by Lachlan Mitchell (ex-NAZXUL), and will feature eight tracks. Also, the band’s recently recorded two-track "Throne To Perish" 7" EP should be released by US label Dark Horizon in September 2002.

THE LUGUBRE HORDE are back and have a webpage back online at http://lugubre.cjb.net. The band are set to play Berlin’s Under The Black Sun festival, which takes place on July 5th and 6th. Other acts on the bill include TAAKE, TSJUDER, ROOT, URGEHAL, WATAIN and more. In other live news, the band are scheduled to appear on July 10th in Leper, Belgium with TAAKE and MORRIGAN, and on September 20th they’ll perform in Hengelo, Holland with BLACK WITCHERY, ARMAGEDDA and more. They will also play the Drakkar Festival in Holland in December. Meanwhile, the band will enter the studio in July to record their 2002 promo and a new album.

Germany’s LIVING DEATH will see their ’85 classic album "Metal Revolution" reissued through Shark Records with several bonus live tracks that were recorded in ’84. The tracklisting: ‘Killing Machine’, ‘Grippin’ A Heart’, ‘Rulers Must Come’, ‘Screaming From A Chamber’, ‘Intro’, ‘Shadow Of A Dream’, ‘Panic & Hysteria’, ‘Road Of Destiny’, ‘Deep In Hell’, ‘You And Me’ (live), ‘Living Death’ (live), ‘Bloody Dance’ (live), ‘My Victim’ (live) and ‘Nightline’ (live).

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