June 20, 2002

We figured it’s about time to give you a little update on the happenings in the SADISTIC INTENT camp. Guitarist Rick once more supplied a couple of news for you: "As far as the record, it has been delayed because Bernie (Versailles – producer) has been busy with ENGINE. We’ve been averaging like two days a week and currently we’ve been out for over a week and expect to get back in at the end of the month. I wish I could snap my fingers and have it done but it does not happen that way. Perhaps you are wondering why not finish at another studio, well, we simply can’t afford it. Bernie gave us the best deal by far. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining Bernie, I’m just mentioning some of the reasons for the delay. Moving along, I wanted to let you know about a rough mix we sent to Necropolis Records. We still have to EQ the guitars and the overal mix so it’s gonna get better. I personally didn’t want to release it but Necropolis really wanted a sample and now it’s up on there web site available for download. You can check it out if you’d like at necropolisrecords.com/index.html." Needless to say that the rough mix already sounds extreeeeemely promising, so make sure to give it a listen!

ANCIENT RITES finally recorded their long-awaited live-CD / DVD in a completely packed Biebob-club in Belgium on last Friday. According to the band it was a very succesful show so the final result should become very interesting.

BLOOD RED THRONE is currently working in the studio to record their 2nd full-length album. The working title is "Affiliated With The Suffering". Tchort and his "evil" partners in crime are planning to record 12 tracks. Some of the songtitles are ‘A Dream Of Death’, ‘Bleeders Lament’, ‘Chaos Rising’, ‘Unleashing Hell’, ‘Deadly Intentions’, ‘Razor Jack’, ‘Gather The Dead’ and ‘Mercy Killings’. Futhermore the band is ready to hit the road to support the album in the rest of Europe.

DEMONS OF DIRT are working on new material for their next album. The band is also planning to record a cover of Disrespect’s ‘One Man Down’.

DIMENSION F3H is currently recording their debut album "Reaping The World Winds". The album will be mixed in studio Fredman in Sweden. The studio line-up now consist of mastermind Morfeus (Limbonic Art), Stian Lindaas Kristoffersen (drums) and Nesmoth (vocals).

HEARSE is also in the studio to record their upcoming 7" EP and their debut full-length album titled "Dominion Reptialian". The core of Hearse exists around ex-Arch Enemy frontman Johan Liiva (vocals and bass) and Max Thornell (drums), with the addition of Mattias Ljung (guitars).

IMPIOUS recently finished the recordings for their upcoming album "The Killer" in Studio Mega (a.o. The Crown).

MACABRE just had their 1986 debut recording "Grim Reality" remixed by Neil Kernon (Cannibal Corpse, Queensryche). Furthermore the debut of the Macabre Minstrels (Macabre unplugged!) is near completion. On top of that the band is preparing the recordings for their upcoming new album "Murder Metal". And last but not least Macabre will play this years Wacken Open Air and Milwaukee Metal Fest.

MONSTROSITY recently returned from a very succesful Mexican and South American tour. Monstrosity will head to Europe in September for a big European Tour with Dying Fetus (US), Houwitser (NL) and Intervalle Bizarre (CZECH).

NECROPHOBIC is currently preparing for their German festival appearances at Wacken Open Air and Party San Open Air.

PRIMORDIAL will do some Irish clubshows before the band plays at Wacken Open Air in August. Furtermore they will do a mini-tour in the Benelux at the end of September with Dutch band Callenish Circle.

SATARIEL found a new management in Metal Fortress that should provide them with more liveshows and festivals. The band is also writing new material for their 3rd album.

SEPTIC FLESH are currently recording their new album in Studio Fredman in Sweden.

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