March 11, 2002

You can already download PROFANITY‘s coverversion of TERRORIZER’s ‘Fear Of Napalm’ (Mp3 – 2,5 MB!) from the band’s website The track will appear on their upcoming 7" "Humade Me Flesh", which is supposed to be out on April 8, 2002.

MARDUK‘s "Heaven Shall Burn… When We Are Gathered" album is out in Japan through Pony Canyon. This version includes five bonus tracks: ‘Glorification Of The Black God’ (remix), ‘Total Disaster’, ‘Sex With Satan’, ‘Sodomize The Dead’ and ‘The Return Of Darkness & Evil’.

The Japanese edition of IN FLAMES‘ "Colony" album is now available in Europe through Megarock. It includes two bonus tracks, ‘Clad In Shadows ’99’ and ‘Man Made God’.

DISSECTION are reissuing their "Storm Of The Lights Bane" album through Nuclear Blast. It will now include the "Where Dead Angels Lie" EP as a bonus.

NECRONOMICON have re-released their ’99 debut, "Pharoah Of Gods", worldwide through Unique Leader Records.

TESTAMENT‘s "First Strike Still Deadly" album is out now in Japan with an exclusive feature, Thrash Of The Titans – Documentary Footage, only available in Japan.

The following classic VENOM albums will be reissued with bonus tracks: "Black Metal", "Welcome To Hell" and "At War With Satan".

MARDUK have parted ways with longtime drummer Fredrik Andersson and have replaced him with Emil Dragutinovic. The band will soon start working on their 8th album.

DARK FUNERAL will soon announce a string of North American tour dates.

EWIGHEIM, the new band featuring Yantit (EISREGEN) and Allen B.Konstanz (THE VISION BLEAK), will release their debut album, "Mord Nicht Ohne Grunde", in this month. Download the MP3 song ‘Ein böser Scherz’ now at

HATE FOREST‘s "The Most Ancient Ones" album will be released on March 25th through Supernal Music. The album is a reworking of the demo / live rehearsal, "The Curse", previously released on cassette through Kolovrat / Nawia Productions. Rerecorded in 2001 with the new line-up, this explosive studio version is twice as fast as the original. The tracklisting: ‘To The Thickets And Swamps’, ‘The Most Ancient Ones’, ‘Inmost Winter’, ‘Black Forest’, ‘The Elders’, ‘Darkness’, ‘The Night Of Winter Solstice’ and ‘The Curse’.

Finland’s BLACK DAWN (consisting of members of AND OCEANS and ROTTEN SOUND) have been forced to alter their name due to a cease and desist order from a rap group of the same name. In the US, the band will now be known as THE TRUE BLACK DAWN.

MOTÖRHEAD, VOIVOD (with original singer Snake) and RAZOR will be performing at the Docks in Toronto on April 27th.

DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER have signed a multi-album deal with Nuclear Blast.

Plans are in the works to bring HYPOCRISY over for their first North American tour.

LOCK UP have added Barry Savage (ex-CANCER) as a second guitarist for live performances. According to bassist Shane Embury, "This is just for live purposes to make our sound heavier." Lock Up will play the Inferno festival in Oslo, Norway on the 30th of March and the Hutsfeld festival in Sweden in June followed shortly thereafter with a trip to Japan. The band will return to Europe to play Wacken and With Full Force.

BLOOD RED THRONE have put together a MCD, "Affiliated With The Suffering", due out in late April or early May. The release will feature three songs from the unreleased "Deathmix 2000" promo, one track from "Monument", one unreleased track from the "Nordic Metal II" compilation and a cover version of MASSACRE’s ‘Cryptic Realms’. The band are currently writing material for their second album and will begin recording in May. Also, BRT have a new drummer, Espen "Beist" Antonsen. For more info go to:

Displeased Records‘ homepage is up now at Partial MP3’s of 16 songs are available for download now. Bands include: INTERNAL SUFFERING, PHOBIA and NINNGHIZHIDDA.

On March 12th, Season Of Mist release AGRESSOR‘s "The Spirit Of Evil" MCD. The disc is strictly limited to 1,000 copies.

CANNIBAL CORPSE‘s "Gore Obsessed" album is out now in Japan with the bonus track ‘Compelled To Lacerate’ (live).

The first annual GOTHENBURG DEATH FEST takes place on June 1st at Gamlestadens Medborgarhus in Gothenburg, Sweden. Acts on the bill include: CENTURIAN, INIQUITY, CONVENT, IMPURE, DEEPRED, HOUR OF PENANCE, INSISION, SPAWN OF POSSESSION, IMMERSED IN BLOOD, KAAMOS, VISCERAL BLEEDING and OBSCURA. For more info on the festival go to: For ticket info go to:

BOLT THROWER have been confirmed for this year’s With Full Force festival, scheduled to take place between July 5th and July 7th near the town of Leipzig, Germany.

MALEVOLENT CREATION‘s tour begins on March 13th at Trillians in Newcastle, England. The dates wrap on April 8th at Hyde Park in Osnabrück, Germany. Support on the tour comes from KATAKLYSM and CATASTROPHIC.

The US pressing of AETURNUS‘ "Ascension Of Terror" album will be available in March. The band have opted not to renew with Hammerheart and are seeking a new label.

DEMIGOD drummer Seppo Taatila has left the band due to work and family commitments.

SINISTER have canceled plans for their US tour in April. Other dates in Greece, Poland, Portugal and The Netherlands are still a go.

CALLENISH CIRCLE‘s singer, Patrick, has issued the following, "Last Friday we had the CD release party for our new album, "Flesh-Power-Dominion", in the Fenix Club in Sittard, Holland. It was a very big success, between 300 and 350 people visited the show. At the moment we are planning a lot more warm-up shows before the European Tour (with Amon Amarth / Vomitory) that starts at the end of April." For more info and latest news check:

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