March 19, 2002

After months of delays, SATYRICON will begin mixing their new album this week in Denmark with Jeff "Critter" Newell (MINISTRY, GUNS N¹ ROSES) and Satyr at the helm.

IMPIOUS have replaced drummer Ulf Johansson with Mikael Norén.

Displeased Records will release MENTAL HORROR‘s "Proclaiming Vengeance" album on March 25th.

The Art Of Sickness European tour featuring CRYPTOPSY, HAEMORRHAGE, PROFANITY and SPAWN kicks off on April 12th at Die Scheune in Lachheim / Markt Taschendorf, Germany. The dates wrap up on May 5th at K17 in Berlin, Germany

AMON AMARTH are in the middle of writing new material for their upcoming album, set to be recorded in August at Berno Studios in Malmoe, Sweden. The album is yet to be named but tracks to appear on the release include ‘Bloodshed’, ‘.. And Soon The World Will Cease To Be’ and ‘Vs. The World’. The band are currently planning a European tour…

CANNIBAL CORPSE came in at #11 on the Billboard Independent Music Chart, for the first week of release of "Gore Obsessed". The band will embark on their first US tour in support of the album headlining the Spring Neck Break 2K2, which kicks off on March 29th. Cannibal Corpse will also be doing an in-store signing in San Diego CA at Blue Meanie Records. The in-store will take place between 3 – 4pm on April 23rd. "Gore Obsessed" entered the German Top 100 at #71.

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