March 21, 2002

HORRID, Italy’s most Swedish sounding Death Metal act, will release an anthology CD entitled "Evil’s Birth 1989-2002" in May. It contains the band’s "Blasphemic Creatures" MCD, their second demo "You Are Mine", three unreleased live songs (‘Obscurity’, ‘Mephistophelian Chaos’ and ‘The Period Of Deep Thought’) and ‘Winds Of Procreation’ (Live) from their 7".

On March 28 AMON AMARTH will make an appearance on TV3 in Sweden. The TV-show is called "Baren" (The Bar) and is a so called "Docu-Soap". This show is broadcasted nationwide, and has been one of the more popular "Docu-soaps" in Sweden the last couple of years. Sins of Omission, who are joining Amon Amarth on their European tour, will play this show as well.

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