March 23, 2002

If you’re following the extreme underground movement a little bit longer already, you will most certainly be aware of DOOM and ELECTRO HIPPIES, two bands from the UK, that started out around the same time as NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS, BOLT THROWER and the likes. With their Punk / Crust / (old) Hardcore attitude they not necessarily fit into our musical concept (apart from their extremity), but have been influential enough to still get a mention here. DOOM were in fact the first band to get signed by Peaceville Records, while ELECTRO HIPPIES’ original line-up still featured Jeff Walker on vocals, who went on to CARCASS after the band had recorded / released a demo and a 12" single. Most recently Peaceville Records have released digi-pack CD’s of both bands that feature a lot of their classic recordings. "Total Doom" by DOOM comes up with 37 tracks, taken from their "War Crimes – Inhuman Beings" album from 1988, the 1989 "Bury The Debt – Not The Dead" split-album with Swedish NO SECURITY and the "Police Bastard" EP. The ELECTRO HIPPIES disk is entitled "The Only Good Punk" and features 40 songs in total. In particular that is their 1987 debut "The Only Good Punk… Is A Dead One", the "Electro Hippies – Live" album from 1989 and their contributions to the Peaceville compilations "A Vile Peace" and "Hiatus". So, if you’re also into the early Crust / Hardcore / Punk kinda stuff you definitely should give these two releases your attention. Further info:

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