March 25, 2002

In January 2002 the creative core of Chilean extreme metallers CRIMINAL, Anton Reisenegger (guitar, vocals) and Rodrigo Contreras (lead guitar), decided to relocate to England. Since the rest of the band were not willing to make this move, new members had to be recruited. It is now official that Zac O’Neil (drums), Rob Eaglestone (bass) and Mark Royce (keyboards / samples) have joined the CRIMINAL organization. Rob (a.k.a. Robin Graves) was the last remaining original member in CRADLE OF FILTH before leaving the band in April 2001. Zac could last be heard on the EXTREME NOISE TERROR album "Being And Nothing", to which he contributed most of the writing. He was also active in FAILED HUMANITY and as a touring drummer with CHRISTIAN DEATH. Mark had been recording and touring with ENTWINED and PRIMARY SLAVE. CRIMINAL have been at the forefront of South American Metal since the mid 90s. Their third and latest album "Cancer" (2001, Metal Blade) received excellent reviews from the European press, securing them a slot at the Wacken Open Air 2002, as well as appearances on several other major festivals this summer. "It’s really cool to have Zac, Mark and Rob in the band", comments Anton. "Their musicianship is just amazing, and adding digitally generated noise to the CRIMINAL sound will definetely take it to the next dimension. It is like a fresh start for us, and we feel ready to take on Europe now!" Rob had the following to say: "After ten years of being associated with CRADLE OF FILTH, I decided that I needed a change of band chemistry plus some time to regain my enthusiasm towards music generally. I’m really looking forward to promoting CRIMINAL’s fresh approach to what some people would call Old School, but what others might revere as something challenging amidst an ocean of new Metal wank." The new line-up is currently busy writing material for a new album, tentatively scheduled for autumn 2002.

Bassplayer Iscariah has left Norway’s IMMORTAL. Here’s his official press statement: "Well, so this day came to an end despite its long and joyful hours. The statement I doubted would be written for a long time is here, and if you asked me directly why, I would not be able to give you a direct answer… because there is no definite reason why. I have basically followed my instincts and my gut feeling and come to the conclusion that I am leaving Immortal. This band has basically been my life for 3 years, and it feels like some strange divorce is being processed. The band is getting bigger and with that follows complete dedication to the force. If not, you are bound to fall on your ass. To prevent this event, I quit. It is of my beliefs that if you have a single doubt, then leave. Do not try to shape the band to your benefit. I am not retiring. I just want to do what feels right for ME. At this point I am still involved in several other bands, which I am willing to push far. Also a new cult act, which I now have joined, should be announced shortly elsewhere. However, none of the acts has anything to do with my departure. A new bass player has been recruited for Immortal, and he will be attending to the upcoming European tour and beyond. We are very optimistic about his skills and dedication, so I am sure he will be permanent. The band itself will announce within the coming days who he is. I hail my brothers of this cult and I wish them the best of luck for the coming future events. Also not to forget, I want to raise my glass to all you maniacs out there who supports this cult! All hail Immortal! On behalf of myself, Iscariah"

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