March 26, 2002

Unique Leader Records will release a VOMITORY / DIABOLIC split CD which consists of DIABOLIC’s "City Of The Dead" demo from ’97 (plus two unreleased bonus tracks) and VOMITORY’s "1989-1999" release (which previously only came out on picture LP). It contains two old VOMITORY tracks written back in ’91 and ’92 (re-recorded), one track from their "Revelation Nausea" album (recorded before the Metal Blade release), and covers by SODOM and NAPALM DEATH. This split CD will come with a very cool cover art-work, big booklet, lots of photos, lyrics and a short story from both bands.

ARCH ENEMY‘s "Wages Of Sin" is out in Germany on vinyl with a bonus track.

DIMENSION ZERO‘s new album, "Silent Night Fever" is available in Europe on vinyl.

According to DRAGONLORD‘s official discussion board, Steve DiGiorgio left the band and Derrik Ramirez is officially their new bassist.

MYRKSKOG are in the studio recording their second album. Drums have been completed, with guitar and vocals now in the works.

NIGHT IN GALES have parted ways with Massacre Records. The band’s new album, "Necrodynamic", will be released soon in North America through Skyscraper Music.

DYING FETUS guitarist Bruce Greig has left the band.

CRADLE OF FILTH have just confirmed that they will be playing a secret warm-up show just before their appearance at Ozzfest UK 2002. Full details will be announced on April 2nd. Meanwhile, the Cradle Of Fear film has been passed uncut by the UK censors, and will be released on DVD on April 8th. In other news, the band will release a new compilation through Music For Nations called "Lovecraft & Witchhearts" in mid-May.

FINNTROLL are currently on their way to Moscow for a gig with IMPALED NAZARENE. Vocalist Katla wasn’t able to make the trip due to complications involving a tumor on his vocal chords – he’s replaced by Tapio Vilska (SETHIAN, ex-DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED, ex-NATTVINDENS GRAT, ex-WIZZARD).

BEHEMOTH‘s Nergal has issued the following update on the bands forthcoming new album, "The new album title is "Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)". We plan to record it in June and July in the same studio and with the same engineer we worked with last time. We’ve already composed main themes for eight new songs. The new sound is really massive and heavy. Some new song titles: ‘Horns Of Baphomet’, ‘As Above So Below’, ‘Conjuration Of Sleep Daemons’ and ‘No Sympathy For Fools’." Behemoth are scheduled to perform live at Germany’s With Full Force Festival on July 5th – 7th.

ABADDON INCARNATE will support DESECRATION on their upcoming tour. Dates kick off on April 17th at Inferno in Prague, Czech Republic and wrap up on June 2nd at Giros in Belfast, Ireland.

MOURNING BELOVETH will enter the studio on April 22nd to record their new album, "My Sullen Sulcus". The band are aiming for a fall release.

SEAR BLISS have nearly finished recording their new album, due out later this year through Red Stream.

URGRUND‘s "The Graven Sign" will be out through Baphomet on March 22nd.

FOREST OF IMPALED‘s new album, "Forward The Spears", will be out soon on Red Stream. The band now includes only two original members, guitarists Adrian and Marek. The band line-up also features Duane Timlin (drums) and Markus Kolar (bass). They will soon announce their new vocalist.

WURDULAK and GORELORD are currently recording in a Norwegian studio for the "Creature Feature Series (Part 2)", to be released this spring through Red Stream.

ABAZAGORATH‘s first release since 1998 will be "The Spirit Of Hate For Mankind", to be released on Blood Fire Death Records / Red Stream. The two track EP will include a poster.

KHOLD‘s new album, "Phantom", is out through Moonfog on April 15th. A joint release party for Khold and RED HARVEST will take place on April 20th at John DEE in Oslo, Norway. In addition to the bands, DARKTHRONE’s Fenriz will DJ throughout the night. Doors open at 9pm.

Earache have reissued two USURPER albums, "Visions From The Gods" and "Necronemesis", both containing unreleased bonus material and new packaging.

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