May 21, 2002

‘Cold Steel For An Iron Age’, the latest album of DESTROYER 666 will be released via Displeased Records as a limited LP version with improved artwork compared to the CD version.

INTERNAL SUFFERING from Colombia have finished the recordings and mastering of their new album "Chaotic Matrix" for Displeased Records. Expect some brutal blasting tornado Death / Grind in the vein of Devourment, Disgorge (US) and early Cryptopsy. Release-date: June 26th 2002. Listen to a track from the new album on With great success INTERNAL SUFFERING supported Cannibal Corpse on a mini tour through Colombia earlier this month. At the moment, the band is finishing the North American Extermination tour II 2002 with over 20 US dates. They played on Ohio Deathfest where they were voted second best band of the evening (3rd best band of the whole festival.).

DEFORMITY from Belgium finished recording their second full length, "Superior" at Excess studios, Rotterdam. Mastering took place at the famous Electric Studios in Brussels. The album is set to be released on June 26th 2002. DEFORMITY started out years ago as an H 8000 Hardcore act, soon to transform into a demonic hateful brutal Deathcore infested entity, with oppressing extreme music and lyrics. Don’t miss them on their release party, set on May 22nd at ‘de Frontline’ in Gent, where the new CD will be available one month before the official release date.

In late June 2002 "Smells Like Team Spirit IV" will be available, with new and unreleased tracks by new Displeased Records acts. The cover art will be delivered by Kris Verwimp (of Marduk and Absu fame).

Insane Goregrind Deathmongers REINFECTION from Poland will very shortly record a limited 7" for From Beyond Productions, containing some new ultra brutal material, even more harsh and extreme than their debut album. "Good Efficient Butchery" will be released in late Summer 2002.

R. Kronheim is no longer a member of ENSLAVED. Here’s the official statement concerning the event: "Upon returning from their UK tour in March 02, all four members agreed that the situation within the band needed serious evaluation. As a result, all four members agreed that R. Kronheim should leave. It is important to stress the fact that R. Kronheim was part of the vote in favor of his own departure. No particular reason for this can or needs to be pointed out, as everything else this sudden and surprising action came as an end to a chain of more or less significant events. True to ENSLAVED’s own agenda and philosophy, remaining members of the collective Dirge Rep, Grutle Kjellson and I. Bjoernson chose to see it as a necessary change rather than a loss. And changes give birth to new ideas and new worlds. Speaking of change, ENSLAVED has also acquired two new session-members for live-playing: lead-guitarist Arve and keyboardist / effector Oyvind. In other words: forwards, onwards and upwards as always and never". ENSLAVED furthermore has changed management from Hard Rock Entertainment to IRIS Artistery due to nothing in particular. Email IRIS Aristery for booking etc.: The band has already booked Grieghallen again for the next studio album. For now September 2002 is set aside, but a time expansion might occur. The release date of the album will be given shortly. Once again ENSLAVED will work closely with graphic artist Truls Espedahl (who did the frontcover for "Monumension"). Only this time he will be involved in the entire art direction, not only the front. Song titles already revealed: ‘Queen Of Night’ and ‘Horns’.

NILE have completed their forthcoming record, entitled "In Their Darkened Shrines". It was recorded in South Carolina’s Soundlab Studios, with production from the band’s Karl Sanders and long-time NILE producer Bob Moore. The final track listing is: ‘The Blessed Dead’, ‘Execration Text’, ‘Sarcophagus’, ‘Kheftiu Asar Butchiu’, ‘Unas Slayer Of the Gods’, ‘Churning The Maelstrom’, ‘I Whisper In The Ear Of The Dead’, ‘Wind Of Horus’ and ‘In Their Darkened Shrines (I – Hall Of Saurian Entombment, II – Invocation To Seditious Heresy, III – Destruction Of The Temple Of The Enemies Of Ra, IV – Ruins)’. The album will be released by Relapse Records in Europe on September 2nd. Additionally, NILE has announced a US headlining tour, their first in support of "In Their Darkened Shrines". The tour will be presented by Revolver Magazine and will commence on July 6th, in Atlanta, GA, running through mid-August. Support on the tour will be provided by ARCH ENEMY, HATE ETERNAL and ORIGIN.

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